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    Tell me what your favorite season is, why, and your webkinz world username. At the end of Webkinz’s Winterfest I will pick three winners. I think it ends on January 15th? Well, each winner will receive a gift having to do with their favorite season. ~KR2000~

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      So many awesome entries It will be hard to pick. I think I’ll do first, second and third place will get prizes.

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      Hmm, I will be gone when the winners are announced. But some friends of mine will probably let me know if I won when I come back.

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      Fall, because all of the colours! :D

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      Hey, im anna and I love spring and fall! I like spring because all the flowers bloom and kings island opens plus no more cold days! And I like fall because all the leaves fall and change colors and its my birthday right before Halloween! Thanks for this awesome contest! :)

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      Autumn it is lovely

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        I also tried putting: Perfect to film in and photography looks lovely. It has a feel that is amazingcan’t explain the feel

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