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    chihuahualuver wrote on 2012-09-29 at 05:32 PM

    Here are the pets I have: Peace Unicorn, Papillon, St. Bernard, Signature beagle, Bulldog, Scottish terrier, Peace out puppy, Cocker spaniel Rabbit, chihuahua, Rockerz bulldog, Pig, Black poodle and regular poodle White terrier, Pucker fish, Boxer, Mouse, Husky, I also have only ONE psf of the red deluxe velvet rabbit. First person to ask for it can get it (Sorry that i have one).

    YAY! It posted! And if you want free psf, friend me wealthydog and tell me what you want.

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      i need velvet rabbit psf

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      can i have one

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      i like the rabbit my user is Nineand3

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      I need the red deluxe velvet rabbit i will give you frosted cupcakes

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      HI !!! My username is GOD225hannah I would LOVE to have them plz !!!!

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