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    Whoever needs any kinzstyle outlet or wshop items that arent deluxe i can send you them.  If you need specific ones list them here and i will try to get them for you. Thank you!

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      Hi there!! I was hoping and praying that someone could help me out here. I would like someone to send me a lace sleeved dress and a Rusty red tam. That’s all for the moment. THX!!! ~Froggyis10

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        I dont have those at the moment but will get them if i can.:)

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      Hi CT!! If you’re a deluxe member, I would love it if you would send me a sunshine sundress! My username is lovejoycc100. ~lovejoycc100~

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      Hi calitigertuxedo! Could I have the dressy purple coat from the kinzstyle outlet, the starry slumber bed and a starry wonders bookshelf, please? My username is VBS123. Have a sweet day,and thanks a lot!~SC

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      I actually do have some deluxe items

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      This is an update-I have some deluxe items from both shops, but not many. I also have some kinzstyle.

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