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      @Sallysebkinz. Good morning a quick question about the odd holidays that happen in the Ganz estore. These items can only be purchased at the estore and not in the wshop in game with estore points, is that correct? Using the mobile app can any item sold in the wshop for epoints be purchased or must you use a desktop or laptop computer? A friend was trying to use in game epoints on the mobile app and kept getting error messages, “looks like nuts and bolts have been tinkering””. Thank you for your help.

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      There is a bug where when playing Go Fish with a computer, causing the entire application crashes. Specifically this occurs when: The computer has already asked for a card and receives it (either from me or drawing from the deck), and then does not ask again because that card is the only number/face value they have. It seems like it might be programmed to not ask for the same number/face value back-to-back, so it instead kills the entire Webkinz application since it has no other card values to ask for. I have hit this issue multiple times.

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