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    Hey who can tell me how to ask for help in this game. I’m stuck. I keep trying and trying but still no luck in getting more stars.

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      it was working a little for me last night. Once it froze up and I logged back in, it got to working. I love this game.

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      I have been freezing up too and I don’t like the look of it either.

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      mine locks up too. Please fix soon and the new look is so hard to see. Much better the original way. I’ve tried IE and Chrome and does the same on both. thanks Ganz.

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      I couldn’t get it to work at all last night. Stuff over at the left side and froze up on me too. I don’t like how it looks now.

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      mine is freezing too and I have to log out to get out of it. Please fix it soon and hopefully getting it back to the way it originally way. I don’t like the new look either. Thanks.

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