Has anyone else ever ranomly got a gift box for a pet they didn't adopt?

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    Every once in a while, when I log in, it says that I’ve been awarded a gift box (this time a Mistletoe Mouse gift box) when I never adopted this pet or any pet recently. It won’t go away when I log in and out and I cannot place it in my room without it causing an error an logging me out. It’s annoying! Has anyone else experienced this?

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      Ganz will trade The mistletoe mouse gift box for the toy train Christmas day

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      I know the solution! Ok, so I have the same problem. but I found out on the main page of Webkinz newz they have a link leading to a thread to read; https://webkinznewz.ganzworld.com/carousel/webkinz-newz-countdown-to-christmas-extended/ And basically what this says is: “If you received a Mistletoe Mouse Gift Box on your account from this weekend’s event, just leave it in your Dock. In the New Year, we will be switching out those boxes with the Wood Toy Train!” So it’ll go away soon. Have a great day and hope I helped!

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        Thanks! That cleared up a lot for me!!! But what about the Tawny pup gift box???

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          I have a pet gift box that I do not have a pet for and cannot open it up. It just sits in my dock! Don’t know what to do about it, just let it keep sitting there?!

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      For some reason I got 2 of the Mistle Toe Mouse. Today I got the train instead of Candy Cane. Ok Ganz something is up!

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      I am August from August’s Advice and my account has also this gift box for the Mistletoe Mouse and when I put it in my room and it logged me out. I have also had people talk about the Tawny Pup Gift Box which I didn’t get because I have a Tawny Pup. They kinda just take space up in your dock and are useless. Atom is right you should Email Ganz so they can adress this issue and take it off of peoples accounts. These glitches do happen some times. So Email Ganz as Atom said and they should adress the issue. Thanks N1! Have a Merry Christmas!

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      Yes, it has glitched everyone! Misty600 made a forum like this and I asked the same question recently when the Tawny Pup was retired when I started in 2012. I got one from the wheel of wow, and 2 from CDTC (COUNTDOWN TO CHRISTMAS). I emailed Ganz on this issue and hopefully I will get a response soon. You might also have to email Ganz, but let’s see if mine gets answered first! I used the Title Urgent, so hopefully they will look into it! Hopefully it doesn’t affect your play if you don’t try dragging it. Good Luck getting this fixed too-Atom

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