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    Hello everyone! :D One of my suggestions would be an annual carnival ( maybe on Webkinz day) that all members can attend, play games, and win cool prizes! Another one is a trip to the big city( the one that is in some of the kinz crew stories) from the travel agency which should make some trips available to ALL members. :) Oh, and if you want to post other suggestions, you can. :)

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      That’s really cool! I would like to see what Wacky’s house looks like, because in Wackier Zingoz, Wacky always says ” I can see my house from here”! :D LOL

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      How about the place in webkinz world where the zingoz live

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      OMG! Chillylily that is SO cool!!!!!! I hope that becomes real!!!!!

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      I would love that too! :D

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      A water park would be AMAZING! There could be pools for your Webkinz to swim in and water slides and Mr. Moo could be there and sell ice cream and there could also be diving boards for your pet to jump off of

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        Excellent idea!

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        that is a wonderful idea!!!!! Good thinking! They really should, maybe in the clubhouse or in the park.

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