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    Hello everyone! :D One of my suggestions would be an annual carnival ( maybe on Webkinz day) that all members can attend, play games, and win cool prizes! Another one is a trip to the big city( the one that is in some of the kinz crew stories) from the travel agency which should make some trips available to ALL members. :) Oh, and if you want to post other suggestions, you can. :)

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      how about,”webkinz room hall of fame?” It can have the rooms ganz likes the most nad it would show the first three letter or the user that desianed it! For example: If one of my rooms got posted, and I was playing on my free pet dog Clara, it would say,Mis with Clara’s __________ room! Blank would be the name of the room, like it would say, “Mis with Clara’s BFF’S sleepover room! Hoped you like that idea! Btw, my full username is MistyPuppy17! Plz add!

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        Hi Misty! I love that idea! By the way, I have a charcoal cat named Clara. ;) Have a sweet day!~SC

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      Do You, Yes You, Need a Room Professionally Done? If so, go to Peridot Room Design! Simply Click on Forums, then select Suggestions. Peridot Room Design should come up. I check the design “store” everyday after 3:00 PM. I love to design rooms and I’d love to make business. Thank you all for supporting me!

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      I think there should be a webkinz bakery where they sell the food from the w-shop (you know how they made the kinzstyle outlet see the clothes that used to be in the w-shop?) and Chef Gazpacho could be the owner . It could be separated into groups too! Snacks, Desserts, Meats, Pet specific , and there could even be a special deal like in the kinzstyle outlet and at one hour of the day, there could be a recipe food or a special food. PLEASE do this Ganz! :) Friend me guys (if you want ) I’m JesusismyLord (without the 830 )

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