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    Okay, I won a Webkinz Quickdraw ONCE! I one a campkinz 1st aid kit. That was 2 years ago. How about you? About how long have you played, and what have you won?

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      i won twice actually

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        I too have won twice, just in the last 3 months and I’ve only been a member since August. Also won the jelly bean challenge twice. Last time was this past week; I received a Poncho Jellybeans Jar with jumping jellybeans, but I didn’t see any cash. No cash first time either, that I remember, just a jar of beans. Also have won the game twice at parties. Didn’t realize these contest wins were so rare! Goood Luck to everyone.

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      yes, a few times. My brothers won & my cousins won, the first day she joined webkinz.

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      I’ve never won a quick draw ever! I really want to! I really want to win when it’s for an e store item! I’ve been on webkinz for 5 years.

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        It is Really hard, I mean REALLY hard. Just keep trying and trying and trying! I forget what time it was but it was either just when the contest opened or when it was just about to close.

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      I’ve been on webkinz about 5 years and I thought it was impossible until one day about 1-2 months ago and I won a Deep Sea Divider. I screamed when I won it!

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      No, not any, and I have been playing for about 5-6 years!

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        Gal, do I feel sorry for you! I’ve only won wshop items!

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