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    Okay, I won a Webkinz Quickdraw ONCE! I one a campkinz 1st aid kit. That was 2 years ago. How about you? About how long have you played, and what have you won?

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      I won a quick draw once, and I won a w shop item that sold for about 35 kc. I think it was a glitch in the system though because I got about 2,800 tickets!

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      I’ve never won. I’ve played webkinz for almost 5 years (in may). I don’t usually try unless it’s something really good because there is such a small chance that I will win.

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      I haven’t won yet, but hopefully I will soon. Whenever I enter, though, the screen locks up and freezes ~ petercat4

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      I won twice actually, but they were both wshop. I couldn’t believe when I won the first time!

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      Well last year I decided to play(didnt play QD much back then because I started to think nobody could win them) and I turned around because MLP was on and then suddenly I had an urge to turn back around.I won!!!!!!I was a little upset though because it was a regaular stove but at least I got a badge!

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