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    Here we talk about horses. They can be Webkinz horses or real ones. Hope you enjoy!

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      Stealthstorm, chillylily, and Dapplegreyhorse, all of you need to come to my house at the same time. if you have a horse bring him or her.

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      Kirby is so cute!!!! Love the name!! And the Pegasus is plush! My friend gave it to me for my birthday awhile back! I’m trying to get all the horses! Nice meeting you…lets do it again!!! ~The Horse Fanatic

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      O.K., guys i won’t be on for 2 hours tomorrow. i will be taping Celtic Thunder Mythology!!!! Can’t wait! Who else has heard of them? one of my webkinz is named after one of them. Stealthstorm, chillylily, and Dapplegreyhorse, ya’ll need to come to my webkinz house sometime, all of us at the same time. if you have a webkinz horse, bring him( Or Her ). I have several so i will have to choose which. ~Human To Human Relationship Is Strong, But Human To Animals Is Even Stronger.~

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      Stealthstorm, in case you were wondering who the sapphire peguses was, it was me! I wanted you to see it better so I swithced pets for a second. do you like my new fox Kirby? I loved your Peguses. does it come in a plush verzion or is it estore?

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      That’s AWESOME Oreo!!!!!! Is it your first horse?? Your right…Quarters do do a lot!!!! Angel: Haha, Mini’s rock!!! There is one in the pen next to Nashville and he’s so precious!!!! :) They are super friendly. ~The Horse Fanatic

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