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    Here we talk about horses. They can be Webkinz horses or real ones. Hope you enjoy!

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      Thanks for coming over Stealthstorm. :) ~ Thunderhead Forever!

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      here is part of a song that Celtic thunder sings: she sing him a song/ he loves to listen/ he reads her a story/ she plays a sweet tune/ Chopin and Mozart/ she loves with her heart/ her guardian angel, looks down from the moon/ : If you like this song tell me and i will type the next verse for you ~ Thunderhead Forever!

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      Celtic Thunder is an Irish group with six guys. Mythology is their newesr albulm. Only one song is on youtube from Mythology, but type in Celtic Thunderon youtube. I promise you, even if you don’t love them, you will at least like them a little bit. Thunderhead forever!!!!!

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      Ok! I have many horses…on different accounts! But yes, I do have some on PomJazz to choose from! ~Peace, Love, Ride~ The Horse Fanatic

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      ignore one of the comments. hey stealthstorm, i named kirby after a charecter on an old tv show called combat. anybody ever heard of Celtic Thunder? they are AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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