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    I’m having a hard time getting past level eight in the Kinzville School especially in weightlifting and speed. If anyone has any tips on how to go father let me know please. TY in advance.

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      the slow circles in the speed has been helping me but sometimes I just run out of time. On the weightlifting, my old laptop at home works better than my faster one at work. But even at home, I’ll get alot of things opened and minimized down and this seems to slow it up better for the weights. I can’t do the weights on my one at work at all – way too fast. Agree on faster one for the higher classes of the pancakes. I’m just needing speed on several of my pets to graduate and slow and steady has worked but not all the time. good luck. I too wish would get the tutor back and would let us use it for the last level – well worth it on these harder classes that are due to computer issues in new fast ones vs old slow ones in not letting us pass the classes.

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      Yes, I never did they academy back then, when there was a tutor, although I should of. You see when I was six I was such the pinch penny! Small rooms, number one! (on cheapness only) So ya, not much help here, although my advice for the class where you jump hurdles is it’s all in how much power you put in the push off, to much and your never going to make it, to little and well, WHAM!

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      Don’t know how long you’ve been with Webkinz, but quite some time ago the Academy had a tutor who you could pay 250 Kinzcash to complete your class for you. SURE WISH THE TUTOR WOULD COME BACK! I can’t graduate either, not for lack of trying.

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        I remember the tutor! But it wasn’t available to you once you reached the last level. Unfortunately, this is the reason why AFTER ALL THESE YEARS, I still haven’t graduated! ;D I have a fast computer. With Speed, it was a matter of making tight, smooth, and quick circles, but I just can NOT succeed with Weight Lifting. If you can find a slow computer to use the 50 times necessary, I wish you luck! <3

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      If you have a slower computer, it is easier to pass these classes at a higher level. You just go slow and steady for the speed and try to keep yourself in the middle of the pink bar. For the weightlifting you try to hit the button just as it goes to the goal area. If you have a very fast computer, it is much more difficult. I just got a fast computer this last week, and tried the school and it was much harder. Except for the cooking class, you need a fast computer to pass here. If you have a fast computer, you have to go in super fast circles for the speed. And for the weightlifting, you need to have fast reflexes. I hope that this helps you out. :-)

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        Thank you I still haven’t been able to pass it but I think I might be able to do it on my older computer. It does seem a little easier on Internet explorer than on Google Chrome but I think its because Google Chrome works really well and fast on my computer and for some reason Internet Explorer is a little slower.

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      I don’t really do either of those much but I am in level 5 for both of them though. I saw on one forum for speed that you should move the little arrow thingy in slow even circles. And for strength….. I don’t really know. I’m just trying to get level ten for cooking, grooming, and agility. I am SOOOO close to getting it for agility. Just 2 more days! And then about 8 more days after that I’ll have level 10 for cooking and I’ll get the new game :D . And level 10 for grooming is shortly after that along with another game :D . Hope you graduate!

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