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    Welcome everybody! I know everyone wants more kinzcash, right? Each day your goal is to earn 1,000 kinzcash. So all you have to do is: 1. Play the Wheel of Wow every day. It may earn you Kinzcash, but it may not. Sell anything you already have or don’t need. You could earn 25 kinzcash out of this. 2. Play Wishing Well 2 every day. You should earn at least 25 kinzcash out of this. 3. Go to Quizzy’s Corner and answer some trivia questions each day. Try to earn 50 kinzcash or more. 4. Go to the Curio Shop. Find a Gem and sell it for at least 75 kinzcash. 5. Go to the kinzville theater and earn 25 kinzcash by selling the item you earn. 6. So far you have earned 200 kinzcash. Go home and sell anything you don’t want or need. You should have earned at least 300 kinzcash from this. 7. Go to the arcade and play some games. Some games that are easy to earn kinzcash include Stardrops, Atlantiles, or Candy Bash 2. You should earn 100 kinzcash or more. 8. Log out! This will earn you at least 100 kinzcash just from playing in the carnival. 9. Go to WebkinzNewz and play some contests or participate in events. Earn 200 kinzcash from this by selling everything you earn. You can get the prizes again later. Well, that’s it. Earn at least 1,000 a day and follow your path to wealth!

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      this sounds great I will try to do it but I might not be able to do it every day I am have school and I have a lot of thing I am doing right now so I will try thanks for making this forum icetealover we should be friends my username is lilmonkeydan so please friend me or I might friend you so if you get a friend request from lilmonkeydan please say yes thanks

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      I wish it was that easy to earn money in real life!

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      Thanks!!! ^^

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      If you don’t want to sell your items, you can use food and clothes recipes to make things out of the items you may already have, then those can be traded or sold! And I agree with gidagirls, you can always sell unwanted prizes from your quests! To save money (mostly this is for new players or if you have similiar pets) you can have one larger room for certain pets to sleep in- I don’t have all mine together in one room, but if you were looking to buy a new room this may save you kinzcash. Some other super easy games are Cash Cow 2, Pizza Palace, and any Game of the Day because of the % bonus.Thanks to all that posted other tips and I hoped these helped!

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