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    Hi all WW players, I have a big question! How do you win a trophy in the arcade or anywhere? -Atom

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      I have several but the omelet one was the hardest for me to get but I finally did it. I haven’t been able to get the cash cow truck, but I think that is more random than getting to a certain level of play. Eager Beaver wasn’t too bad and Stardrops was fairly easy and on Stardrops I try to get the groups of three up at the top first rather than at the bottom. This seemed to help alot. . I finally got the Hoppy rocketship after I switched over to chrome to play it rather than IE. Good luck. .

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      Just keep trying. Some are easy and I’ve gotten several and then a couple are terribly hard for me, but I keep trying. Good luck to you and have fun.

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      just keep playing. some are easier than others. The llama game was easy for me, while cash cow pick-up truck has eluded me no matter how much I play it. I also have several others including Eager Beaver and Stardrops and the space ship. Good luck.

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      It depends on the game. Some games you need to get so many points, or levels. The hoppy rocketship, you need to make it to the moon.

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      you have to earn a certain nmber of kc or points check online to see what you need to do to get one

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