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    Hey guys i’m back from being lazy and thought I should post a trading list well here ya go! My haves: Regular psi…. Tennis Ball Launcher, Fire Hydrant Fridge, Strawberry Jukebox, Mangrove Treasure Trove, Glacier Mist Fridge, Hippo Tub, Molten Magma Bed, Woodland Burrow Bureau, Whale Sized Waredrobe, Big City Window, Arctic Window, Far North Sleigh, Trailblazing Terrier Scooter. Signature psi…. Hibernation Hut, Howling Ridge, Alps Rescue Station. Estore psi…. Ferris Wheel Lamp, Aquamarine Dresser, Mach Speed Flight Pants. Clothing psi… Butterfly Dress and Antennae, Sugarplum Princess Dress, Designer Gown, Cheerleader Dress and Pom Pom shoes, Webkinz Beauty Dress. Mystery Clothes… Summer Rose Headband, Sumer rose Jacket, Masquerade Shoes, Masquerade Gown. Webkinz Friends Clothes…. Forest Dress, Butterfly Fairy Dress. Priceless….Cat Shirt, Wings, Antlers. I’ll post my wants as soon as this is up! <3 alpineleopard

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      Hey hey pal! I am really intrested in your summer rose headband what do you want for it? Most likly i will see you before you get this message so ttyl xD ~Lion~

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      *Pats Alpine’s back* We all were lazy.

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      Hey guys sorry I posted late but here is my wishlist: Vampiress costume, charm, witch, and candy dress just let me know thanks <3

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      Hi Alpine. I see you posted on my forum, I’m assuming its in regards to the Molten Magma Bed. I also wanted to let you know that I’m interested in your WF Forest Dress, since its really cute and I’m unable to play WF. PLMK what you would like for both of these items. We can try to work out a trade here, or on my forum. Whichever you prefer. Thank you!

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      Hmmmm Whatcha need for Priceless?

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