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    Hi everyone. I have started my psf collection, now that I have finally gotten which foods I have in order LOL. But to list all the ones I need would take way to long, so I am kind of going to be listing them by groups of pets. The first one I am doing is horses. I am hoping to finish off the whole list then move to the next group of pets.
    I would appreciate it if you could just go over the list and see if you have any of the pets and psf. My username is Bubblon so feel free to add me. Thanks and it’s much appreciated, Lamb

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      Hi Mark, I loved your rooms! They were really cool looking. I will show you mine once I finish remodeling more. Lamb, I will send, thanks for sending me foods. I don’t really care about which ones at the moment. Mom, I will send, and thanks for kc offer. Sorry if I don’t send right away, I am also sending True2myword1 Christmas stuff and buying rares and stuff so I don’t want to drain my KC too fast. TTYS, very busy me. Why I love WI, just joined this weekend. Much faster. I am going to go on Webkinz and Webkinz Inside now. Bye-Atom

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        Thank You Atom. I hope you saw the Song in the post to you. You’ll learn a lot from that song if you need help in history. I’m reading that you need PSF? I can send you all 26 of mine, just look on ‘My Page’ to see which one you need, and I’ll send them over. Let me know and See you around W.W.

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        Hi Atom- I hope I am misreading your note. MORHB, LT and DF are some of my bff’s. I know they help you out a lot. Your note came through my email because I still follow this forum and help LT and MORHB with PSF’s. I am really surprised that after DF has given you screens for KC and MORHB has given you so much too that you would tell her you do not have time to send her one piece of food that she even offered to pay for. It makes me think about the wolf dressed as a sheep parable.

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      Hi LambTyler! I have the Green Peppermint Unicorn so I could send you her PSF… even thoguh it’s not on your list…. LOL! I also have other pets you might be interested in their PSF… like Welsh Corgi Dog…. I’ll friend you so don’t wonder who I am which is: catsareawesome26. See you around!!

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        Hi catsareawesome! Thanks for the PSF! I know I don’t need the welch corgi’s PSF, but if you list the other pets you have I can tell you if I need their foods. Thanks, LT

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          Oh and by the way I’m not sure if you were confused or not but these are the ones I am giving away not that I need :P Lamb

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      For everyone collecting foods here are the ones I have to give away:
      - Schnauzer schnitzel x2
      - Luv potion pop
      - Carob chip cookies
      - Sweetheart tart
      - Boston baked bones
      - Wrinkled pug cake
      - Mud in your eye pie
      - Reptile risotto
      - Rosy alfalfa alfredo
      - Pink poodle parfait (unlimited)
      - Abomina bowl of chili (unlimited)
      - Alfalafel (unlimited)
      - Bamboo tofu (unlimited)
      - Bangers and mash (unlimited)
      - Batikka masala (unlimited)
      - Beef and black bean stew (unlimited)
      - Braised bannock bites (unlimited)
      - Bubbly gumbo (unlimited)
      - Buggy squawkamole (unlimited)
      - Bull’s eye biscuits (unlimited)
      - Butterscotch pancakes (unlimited)
      - Crayfish cocktail (unlimited)
      - Delectable domino cookies (unlimited)
      - Fantastic Jurassic smoothie (unlimited)
      - Forage porridge (unlimited)
      - Freshly frozen nuggets (unlimited)
      - Frosted mug cake (unlimited)
      - Grazed glazed greens (unlimited)
      - Jelly bean burrito (unlimited)
      - Leafy splurge lasagna (unlimited)
      - Oasis iced tea (unlimited)
      - Organic veggie burger (unlimited)
      - Rhino diner roulade (unlimited)
      - Roots and shots platter (unlimited)
      - Salt water taffy (unlimited)
      - Supernatural spaghetti (unlimited)
      - Sweetheart cereal (unlimited)
      - Triple truffle tartufo (unlimited)
      - Tropical fruit flan (unlimited)
      - Tuna melt medley (unlimited)
      - Green magic mint smoothie (unlimited)
      - Delightful dumplings (unlimited)
      LMK if you need any! LambTyler

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        Can I have a few from your list? I am starting a PSF collection too.

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          Hi Atom! Of course I can send some over! Which would you like? I’ll start sending over the unlimited ones! Lamb

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        Hey LT. I need a couple of these for a friend of mine. Organic Veggie Burger and Sweetheart Cereal. Thanks a lot. ~mom~

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          Ok I’ll send them mom. LMK if you need anymore Raccutie PSF as well! Lamb

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        I feel like a bother but may I have these PSF’s: Carob chip cookies, Sweetheart tart, Boston baked bones, Delightful dumplings, Triple truffle tartufo, Mud in your eye pie, Reptile risotto, and Batikka masala. My sister (at whitehouse88) would like any PSF’s you can spare, execpt for the Leafy splurge lasagna. Thanks so much!

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          Hey Ice! You’re not a bother. I’ll start sending the PSF to you and your sister! Lamb

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      Hi Lamb, here is part of the list I mentioned. I am starting a PSF collection myself, and it cost KC to buy fridges and food. Here are my first 10. Wild Salmon Souffle, Lotus Bloom Tea, Bamboo Biscuits, Tuna Melt Medley, Bull’s Eye Biscuits, Mud in your Eye Pie, Frozen Mice Lollies, Blushin’ Banana Bread, Nifty Noodle Yarn Ball, and Kibble-Chip Ice Cream. Once I look for the more PSI and finish listing the ones I have would it be ok if I listed some on here until forums fixed. -Atom

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        Hey Atom. I actually made a list of what I needed from your list because I had time so I looked up what foods they had myself. I think it’s on the page before this. LT

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        Hi Atom. I would like a Wild Salmon Souffle. I will send a KC coin to help with the cost of buying and sending. I see you want to start a PSF collection. Here are the pets I have. If you see any you would like, let me know and I will start sending. If anyone else would like any of these, please put your UN in your list and send FR to momofredheadboys. :D Golden Retriever, Schnauzer, Poodle, Pink Poodle, Capricorn Goat, Cancer Crab, White Terrier, Cocker Spaniel, Mocha Pup, Pug, Chihuahua, Yorkie, Harmony Pup, Pinto, Grey Arabian, Silverback Gorilla, Sea Otter, American Bison, Seal, Emperor Dragon, Lava Dragon, Bat, Grey Squirrel, Porcupine, Spotted Frog, Panda, Red Panda, Black Bear, Hopping Bunny, Moose, Walrus, Grey Owl, Alley Cat, Clydesdale, Gobbler Turkey, Aardvark, Cardinal, Charcoal Cat, Koala, Pink Pony, Pink and White Cat, Chimpanzee, Golden Pegasus, Velvety Elephant, Harmony Crane, Stormy Dragon, Lion, Lioness, Purple Panther, Pig, Bulldog, Polar Bear, Gold and White Cat, Leopard, Sig. Cheetah, Old English Sheepdog, Budgie, Cheeky Monkey, Ice Dragon, Robin, Blue Jay, Blue Trigger Fish, Turkey, Polka Back Fish, Pink Glitter Fish, Key Lime Dino, Monkey.

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          Hey Mom. I checked out this list and found out I needed the foods from the Capricorn Goat, Cancer Crab, Moose, Gobbler Turkey, Lioness, Purple Panther, Sig. Cheetah and Monkey. I would appreciate if you could send them over. Thanks, Lamb

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      Hi Mark, thanks for your words. I got 100% on the speech, I was the only one who got it perfect. I also got A’s or B’s on my tests. Lamb, I list the foods out soon. Wait I memorized to of them. Bangers and Mash, and Crispy Bone Scones. Let me know. I am trying to finish rooms for that contest. Planning on putting one of my Christian ones in. -Atom

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        Congrats Atom. on your Speech & Test and good grades too that awesome, oh and if you ever need help in history theirs a song call, We didn’t start the fire by Billy Joel it can probably help with something and if you look it up u-2 is a plane and not the band, and as you can tell the Tag was for you on page 19 it says more, but over all I hope you liked me rooms and maybe you can show me your rooms sometime. Anyway Congrats on your test and See you around W.W.

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