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    Hi I’m looking for these Items, Stylish Ski Helmet and Snowsuit ( both Deluxe) and the Vampiress Costume (Veil, Dress, Shoes). Donuts Seeds, Caramel Apple seeds, and the Banana Split seeds, Carnival Carousel and the Lurking Lagoon ( All P.O.T.M.), Fresh Waterfall (Signature Endanger Item), Neo Gothic Floor Lamp, Dining Table and Pillar. Iwan Rest Bed, Sanstone Spa and the Whimiscal Wonderland Flooring (All Rare). What I have: Glittery Evening Gown, Alyssa Starry Dress and the Fire Queen Dress (Deluxe), Stella Starry Blaster and the Magic 9 Ball (P.O.T.M.), Tranquil Television (Signature Endanger Item) and parts of the Victorian Garden and other themes, In-Home Bowling Alley, Rock Garden and a Roadster Go-Kart (Rare) and a Bed of Roses (Super Bed). I know it’s a lot and maybe hard to fine but I really like these items. If interested let me know or anything else you want to trade I might just have it. Please and Thank You

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      Hey there mark! I have the alyssa’s starry dress if you still need it! Let me know if you’re interested :) ~AQUA

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        Hey Aqua, Sorry I don’t need Alyssa Starry Dress, I have one to trade, That Trading List up there is very out of date, I have gotten most of those items and i don’t have most of those offers any more. I’ve been trying to update my list for awhile but I have been doing a lot of trading in the Trading Room and it hard to keep up, but i’ll do a update soon but in the mean time do you have a Eat Me Cake Table from the Whimsical Room Theme that’s the last item I need from that theme and I can’t easily fine one, just let me know and we can work possibly work out a trade. Okay and my username is markg97 (same here and no caps) in W.W. Thanks and Sorry about the confusion.

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