looking for deluxe kinzstyle only clothes!

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    I need all of the dresses, plmk!

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      alpine leopard? could i trade with you too? i have some stuff like alyssa house candelabra and a trampaline and i have a bunch of maz’in hamster stuff i also have other things if there is something you are looking for specifically thanks my UN is kaka2102

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      You mean the lovely lavender and the other dresses right I also have Persephones dresses if you need those :)

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      I don’t need anything rare just like one little item I will send now I think we are friends if not my user is alpineleopard :)

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      alpine, im so interested…..would you like a rare item along with an exclusive? plmk ~dancer

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      What are you looking for because I have almost all of them I would like a little something in return only because they are pretty expensive not like super valuable stuff just something let me know <3

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