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    Hi! Since I’m a free player, I can’t get Christmas Items from the W Shop. If anyone has extras or doesn’t want them, I will trade or buy! Preferred price: 10,000 KC Preferred Items for Trade: Clothing, decorations, winter slide thing, FURNITURE. *Note: These are all items I HAVE* Don’t forget to friend me!

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      Hey True2myword, are you still a free member? I would love to send you some stuff but I can’t because you’re a free member, and as a free member you also can’t enter the trading room. LMK if you ever get a pet. Thanks for all the invites to the tournament arena! Lamb

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        Hey there fellow WW member! Yes, now I’m no longer a free player, so you don’t have to send me anything. Feel free to invite me to the TA if you want too! I’m on ALL THE TIME! Got the Arctic Polar Bear! I’m so excited!! Sorry, if I sound selfish or anything. :(

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      Who ever said that tag, I totally agree! Merry CHRISTmas!

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      i have some items need anything specific? Merry CHRISTmas!

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      Hi True2MyWord, I believe that since you’re a free player that you can’t receive packages, or trade through the trading room? I know there’s a glitch in the trading room that if you join a friend in the clubhouse, a free member is allowed to trade, but is that what you were planning to do? I can purchase things from the Wshop if you’d like, let me know what you need and how you want me to get them to you. Thanks, Darian

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        Yeah, guess that’s what I’ll have to do. So if you haven’t friended me yet, friend me and I will catch you some time in the future. I’d really like a christmas tree, but I’m not sure how to pay you. Thanks

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      I Have The Holiday Robe And Black Socks! ~Heardt

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