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    Hi! Since I’m a free player, I can’t get Christmas Items from the W Shop. If anyone has extras or doesn’t want them, I will trade or buy! Preferred price: 10,000 KC Preferred Items for Trade: Clothing, decorations, winter slide thing, FURNITURE. *Note: These are all items I HAVE* Don’t forget to friend me!

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      Hi True2MyWord1, thanks so much for your presents. I really like them. Lamb I will tell you what I sent to True2MyWord1 so True doesn’t end up with tons of the same thing. Here it goes Halloween Grandfather Clock, Inflatable Pumpkin, Chestnut Cart, Yellow Plasma Ball, and some other exclusive I forgot. Hopefully this will help. You really surprised me True2MyWord thank you for everything. Sorry about the game, the bar got stuck and I thought I should click something while I still could so I didn’t have to reboot yet again. TTYS, your friend-Atom :)

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