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    Leave your Webkinz suggestions here.

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      In webkinz world, there are some items that are so rare that I have never found anyone in the trading room that had one or had ever even seen one. It would be great if there were more opportunities to get these very very hard to get items like the beach ball bean bag chair, holiday tubby tummies bear plush, hockey skates, plumpy glasses, sleepy cat plush, and other things! I have been looking for these items for years and have had no luck, so any chance to get these items would be greatly appreciated! Even having them available at the estore would be great!

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      Hi! I have a few ideas I thought I should share!

      It’s always the worst when you just make a great room for a specific season and then the season changes (a winter playground just doesn’t look right with spring flowers growing around everything)…what if there was an option to choose what season you want in each outdoor room? That way pets can enjoy outdoor winter rooms in summer! I think it would also be cool if we can choose what the weather is like too…for example, If I wanted to make a spring room with the new puddles from the chocolate eggs (awesome prize btw) I would like the option to have a light rain coming down. Or being able to change the lighting outside (like an always night time room or always day light). Keep in mind. It’s not the same season everywhere in the world at the same time!

      One of my favorite things to do is make rooms! But one thing I’ve noticed that the wShop is lacking…fences that can go inside the room…there are only fences that boarder it. I know there is one fence that can go inside the room and it has a matching pillar, but it doesn’t look like something I would use in a spring garden (and I believe there are a few from mystery bags, but not many choices and not everyone can afford points to get bags). I love to make gardens and farm rooms, and I would love to be able to section off certain spots of my garden with the garden fence or be able to make a fenced in area for my horses with the country rail fence.

      I also had an idea for a Kinzville Bank. Players could bring their KinzCash and exchange it for coins they can trade. Or trade in KinzCash for eStore Points (Like 10,000 KC for 1,000 eStore Points…something like that and vice versa). And players could add money to the bank and if they leave it in their “accounts” for a certain period of time they can earn interest on their money…not just a way to earn KinzCash, but a way to teach kids about saving and banking.

      Hope you like some of my ideas!
      Have a great day!

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        I love the idea of being able to change the setting in rooms!

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      I’ve always wanted a Kinz clip but today I found out you can’t adopt them and that they only unlock zumwhere which I already have. I think it would be A LOT more fun if you could adopt the pet in a smaller version. Thanks – ziggyellie

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      Dear Ganz I Have Various Suggestions On improving Webkinz World i Have Put Them In Categories Below: KinzChatPlus: I Abzoolutely like kinzchat Plus! Though some Words I Can’t Say, For Instance In plus Trading I Cant say some of The Names Of Species Of animals Including Those Of Webkinz Pets,Which Is Awful When looking For Pets Special Items Also Things Like 1000KinzCashCoin,Sifaka,Dachshund,Popaballoo,Zangos Etc . KINZCHATPLUS PARK: Speaking Of The trading Room There Are A Lot Of Talkers In The Trading Room Making It Hard For Traders Like Me To Get in Because They Hog The Room, I Suggested that they Go to the park But They Didn’t Want To And Started Being Mean To me afterwards. I Personally Enjoy Going To The Park But Many Pets Are Loosing Intrest In It please Spruce up the park By Adding Different Attributes Such As ,Treasure Hunts,More games,Photography etc And Giving Mr Moo More Flavors And Less Limit, Like He Comes Every hour But you Have To Be There To Get it. Also replacing Some Parks With New Places Such As My Ideas, The Beach (With Volleyball And Shell Colecting) Skate Park (With Skateboarding and a Mr moo Snack bar) Downtown (A City Center With Cars alowed buildings linked To Adittional Rooms Like Wshop With Isle And Items ) Jurassic park (An Outdoor Museum With Facts,Digs And Dinosaur Statues Strange Idea But It Could Be Cool) Zoo Park (With Facts And Every Species Of Signature and Endangered Species Webkinz With Photography And Maybye A Drive Through Safari) An Amusement Park (Maybye For Deluxe Members.with Rides Carnival Circus And Maybye Even Games With Prizes) Thanks For Reading And Have A Zoorifficaly Blessed Day

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      Please make Vacation Island for everyone!! I have too many Webkinz to take care of individually!

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