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      Hey, guys!! I hope you all had a great Christmas! I just wanted to tell ya what I got, heheh. Soo I got some cool movies (Inside Out, How To Train Your Dragon 1 and 2, Storks [flipping hilarious movie], and the third Narnia movie), two Pokémon games, a Pokémon necklace, Pokémon socks, Pokémon macrons (those things are amazinnggg), some cute Christmas bow/ribbon earrings, other random things, and last but not least a Signature Cheetah and Signature Lop Bunny! =D Ah, they’re both so cute! And the cheetah feels so small compared to my big ol’ Lop Bunny. XD I don’t really know what to name them though, so I was wondering if you guys had any name suggestions..? The bunny will probably be a girl, as would the cheetah, but I don’t know for sure, so boy names would be welcome too. Anywho, I’ll most definitely send in a picture or so of them both and send them into the SC. I’m planning on taking some today, hehe. Also, do any of you know if I machine wash my cheetah, would it mess up it’s fur..? I’m not sure, but I kinda wanted to wash it if I could.

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        … It had a little dirty spot (which I got out) but I was thinking maybe I should wash the whole thing. Cause there’s also always the chance that it’ll come out softer, heheh. =P Well, anyway, that’s what I got for Christmas! What about you guys?

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          Hiya, emi! Thanks, I had a really nice Christmas this year! ;) And ooh, sweet! Thanks for letting us know! ^-^ Ah, nice! Pokémon stuff, eh? Sounds cool to me, haha XD Sweet! It’s been awhile since I’ve last watched them, but I remember really liking both of the How to Train Your Dragon films, and I absolutely love Inside Out! I’ve never actually watched Storks, believe it or not, heheh… but it’s pretty funny, huh? That’s cool, I love funny movies! Maybe I’ll have to get my dad to rent that one soon? The other things that you got sound cool, too :) I don’t recall watching any Narnia movies, but I bet they’re cool! Ooh, I bet those earrings are pretty, too! I don’t wear earrings (yes, I know… I’m a girl and my ears aren’t pierced, hahah), but I bet they’re neat! :) Also, congrats on your new Webkinz!! ;D Hooray, I’m so glad that ya got the cheetah!! I know you’ve wanted that one for awhile, so I’m very excited for you!!! ^-^ And you got a signature lop bunny, too? Nice! :D …

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            … That’s funny, because I got one this year, too XD Since you asked, here are some name suggestions for your new webkinz: Girl names: Dahlia, Eve/Eva, Evelyn, Paula, Claudia, (or, for “punny” names, you could use “Pawla” or “Clawdia”) Hazel, Poppy, and Connie. Boy names: Ash/Asher, Jasper, Chris, Noah, and David. I hope these help you a bit! Sorry I didn’t list many, I don’t have many name ideas in mind right now, eheh :P Ooh, sweet! I can’t wait to see the pictures that ya post of them! ;) And hm… ya know, I’m not quite sure… I’ve never actually washed a signature of mine before (however, since I’m kind of a “clean freak” with my Webkinz, I’ll sometimes pat “dirty” Webkinz or signatures with a slightly wet cloth) I once washed some of my older webkinz in my sink, but ah… I don’t think I’d recommend that for signatures. Hm… well, maybe I can look up some ways online, and I’ll let ya know…

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              … and I’ll let ya know if I find anything good! Again, thanks again for letting us know about your Christmas presents, emi, and I hope you enjoy them all!!! ;D (and congrats again on getting the cheetah… I’m so happy for you!!) And thanks for asking! I mostly got Webkinz this year, haha, but I also got some movie merchandise and stuff :) I recently posted about them in more detail… I think it’s on the next page

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              Hello, Taffy! Hahah, yes, Pokemon stuff is pretty cool! XD Yeah, they’re great movies! I really like all of them. Ah, you should watch Storks! It’s really funny and cute, too. It’s an awesome family movie for those inside-family jokes. XD Aw, and really? The Narnia movies are awesome!! You should at least watch the first one. It’s amazing and Aslan in the Narnia movies is actually a lot like Jesus. I’m pretty sure he’s actually supposed to be Jesus in the normal world, and then in Narnia he has the form of a lion. It’s really cool! I definitely recommend watching at least the first movie. In the third movie, he says, “But there I have another name. You must learn to know me by that name. This was the very reason you were brought into Narnia, that by knowing me here for a little, you might know me better there.” It’s really awesome, plus TALKING ANIMALS! XD (Sorry for rambling about Narnia, heheh) Anywayy, yeah, they are really cute! I put them on as soon as I got them, hehe. …

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              … It’s alright that ya don’t have your ears pierced, though. It’s not a necessity for being a girl or anything, heheh. They’re just fun to wear and kinda pretty.. just kind of pain when you first get your ears pierced, though, cause you have to worry about them and can’t mess with them for a while. =P And yes, yay!! I finally got one!! XD Yeah, and it’s pretty funny that we both got the lop bunny! Hmm.. it would be fun if we both made them into characters and had them be friends! Then we would have two groups of our same-species characters as friends. XD Ah, thank you for the name suggestions! It’s fine i you didn’t list a bunch, Those were fine! I actually really like Eva, Jasper, and Chris. ^-^ Thanks! I’m gonna submit them really soon, so hopefully the moderating won’t take too long. Ah yeah. That’s probably a good thing- that you haven’t washed them. =P I washed me Signature Red Panda once and his tail got really messed up, unfortunately.. XP …

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              … I’m kind of a clean freak myself when it comes to keeping my webkinz *perfect*. XD Oh, thanks, Taffy! I think I’ll probably just do a sort of “pat clean” with a towel and water and then blow dry the fur, though. I remember watching a webkinz video before that said that was a good way to spruce up Signatures. No problem, and thanks for replying! (thank you! I’ll try to reply to your reply soon!)

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              Hiya, emi! (Ah, I’m so, so sorry for replying to this so late!! XP I’ve been meaning to respond to this for a little while now, but between the hecticness of my past week and my forgetful tendencies, I guess it just slipped my mind >.< ) Haha, yep, I bet! XD Pokémon does look pretty cool in general… maybe someday I could get into the games, or something. Ah, I'm sure they are! That's good to hear! Man, now I really want to see that one, hahah XD I'll have to see it sometime! And yep, hard to believe, but I don't think I've ever seen any of the Narnia films… or if I have, it was too long ago for me to remember :P (However, I did read The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe some years ago, and that was pretty good) Ah, they do sound really good! Wow, really? I didn't know that! That is interesting! :) And oh my gosh, I love talking animals (well, I mean, that's the reason I have Webkinz characters XD )….

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              … so I bet the films will be right up my alley! :) I’ll have to go ask my dad to rent them one of these days ;) (nah, it’s fine XD Trust me, I can ramble about stuff I like the whole day long, hahah (you should see all of the marvel stuff me and moonie have talked about these past 6 months XD ) so it’s okay!) Ah yeah, I bet! I’m sure they’re very pretty! ^-^ And thanks! There have been some times where I’ve pondered about getting them (since it seems like every girl I know in real life has them, and sometimes that makes me feel a little “odd”) but ah… I guess I’m kinda hesitant to do the piercing part… and I don’t really wear jewelry much in general (I usually don’t wear jewelry unless there’s a special occasion or something)… and I almost always have my hair over my ears :P I’m sure they look very nice, though!! ;) Yep! I know I said this before, but I’m so happy that ya got one!! ;D I know you’ve wanted one….

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              … for a long time, so I’m very happy for you!! ^-^ (I also saw the pictures of your new Webkinz in the Sharecenter, and aw… they both look so cute!! :D (and that picture of all your bunnies was really awesome, too! XD )) Heheh, yeah, that would be pretty cool! ;) If you make yours into a character, it would be cool if she were pals with Jessie! :) It’s fun doing friendships with Webkinz of the same species XD (just like Kate and Dash ) You’re welcome, emi! I’m glad you liked the names!! ;) If you can, let us know when you choose names for them ^-^ You’re welcome! I saw them in the SC earlier, and they’re all really good! :D You always take such nice Webkinz pictures!! Ah yeah, based on what I’ve heard, washing them might not always turn out the best. Aw, well it’s okay, emi!! That must really stink :/ To be honest, if I didn’t know signatures could get “washed out”, I probably would’ve already tried washing…

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              … some of mine in the wash machine. (Well, now that I think about it, I did was a Webkinz once in a wash machine (I once dropped my lil’ kinz yorkie in something dirty when I was little, and my parents put her in the washing machine. Thankfully, she did turn out okay, but her fur was really frizzy)) Heheh, yeah, I can definitely relate to that XD I like keeping my Webkinz as clean as possible, too, which is why I don’t let anyone I don’t trust touch them, haha (when my little cousins come over, the signatures (and all of my Webkinz, actually) are off-limits XD You’re welcome! (And ahh, sorry I didn’t look up and post any signature cleaning tips on here! XP I totally forgot >.< ) Ah, that's good… I'm glad you found something! :) I think that should work well… lemme know how it turns out! (If it works well, I might try that on some of my own siggies) No problem, and sorry again for the late response!

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              (Ah, it’s okay! I totally understand if you don’t get to replying to this either.) Ah, yeah, totally! Pokémon is a lot of fun and all the creatures are really interesting, cute, and/or cool. Perhaps someday you can play one, heheh. ;] Yep! XD It’s a cute movie, but I recommend Narnia even more! It’s almost like a classic, in my opinion. I have a feeling you would really like the first movie at least! It’s really awesome and the animals are really endearing. Totally check those out sometime! Hahah, yeah? (That’s true XD) Yeaaah.. I get that. I don’t wear jewelry that often either, but I do like to wear cute earrings whenever they’re suited for the occasion, heheh. Don’t worry about it though! It doesn’t make you weird if ya don’t have them. I’ve known girls without their ears pierced too. And if anytime you did want to wear some earrings, there’s always those clip-on earrings that you can buy. =] ….

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              … Ah, and thanks again! I’m very happy to finally have one. ^-^ She will be my favorite Webkinz for a while, I think. (Thanks!! XD) Yeah, that would be cool! I’m thinking about making either the lop or cheetah into a character.. so either way we could have a character duo with Nick and Keira or Rebecca and Jessie. ;D I really love both of them, so I think I might have to make at least one of them into a character. =P Oh yes, and I think I’ll be naming them Keira and Rebecca, as I just said above. I’m (at the moment) still considering Lola for the lop, but ah.. it’s so hard to choose! I’ll be sure to let you guys know my final decision though. Oh and thanks again! I appreciate that! ^-^ Oyy.. yeah, it did upset me when that happened! His tail used to be really soft. XP But it’s alright, I brushed it out and it looks better. If I ever wanna feel a soft tail like his used to be, I always have my Signature raccoons. =P ….

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              … (That’s good your little Webkinz didn’t get messed up! You said it was fuzzy;I bet it was pretty static-y then, heheh. That’s always interesting..) Hahah, I know right! XD “GET YOUR SLOBBERY LITTLE HANDS OFF MY SIGNATURE OCELOT” XD Course I wouldn’t, actually say that, but that’s how I feel, hahah. ;P (Ah, that’s fine, no worries! It wasn’t all that important anyway.) Yeah, I actually tried that technique on one of my Webkinz before when it got dog slobber on it and it worked pretty well! It didn’t do anything bad to the fur of the plush anyway, so I think it’s probably a good technique for cleaning!

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              (Hey, emi! Oh gosh, I haven’t checked this page for quite awhile… I didn’t see your response till just now! XP If I can, I’ll try to reply back to it, soon!)

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          Hey emi! I just read it it that sounds awesome! Wow, my mom doesn’t want me to watch How To Train Your Dragon because of their language. Plus I honestly don’t like it. And Storks… not sure. Those are all PG rated movies. SInce you got them, is your mom going to allow you to watch Marvel movies? She wants to watch Inside Out. So, I love Pokemon! I want to get my ears pierced, but my dad doesn’t want to hear me scream. LOL AWWW! A SIGNATURE CHEETAH AND A SIGNATURE LOP BUNNY! SOOO CUUUTTEEE! Wanna join Power Bunnies? Since you have bunnies… jk, you’ll probably say no anyways. Sure! Soo….Signature Bunny: Buttercup, Cream, Floppywishes, Snuggles, Pancake, White Tart, Thumper, Forstellia, Nose Jumper, Honeysuckle, Honey, Honey Cake, Banana, Cake Pop, Poppy, Warm Cocoa, Vanilla, Vanilla Mocha, Blanco(White in Spanish) Sugar, Sugar, Coconut Cream, Jumpy, Ginger Pop, Elsie, Softy, Anna, Raspberry, Winter Freeze, Paws, Sugar Cookie, Frosting, Cookie, Tart, Sweetberry, and Puff. Signature Cheetah: King, Spots, Fuzzy, Chandelier, Shanda Leer, Kayla, Goldia, ……

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            Skystar, Nefertiti(Neh-FUR-Tea), Mariah, Miriam, Summer, Sporty, Tammy, Taylor, Candi, Claire(That’s be cute for the bunny, too), Popcorn(For the bunny, too!), Cheese(For the bunny!), Cheddar, Popfly, Bombstar, Poppy, Tabitha, Madeline, Pepper, Michelle, Lyric, Star, Yellowmint, Banana Bread, Passion, Chip, Charmander, Lightning, Silence, Echo, Sound Beat, and Disco. Sorry if none of those were good. Tell me if you like any of them! I WAS going to put Emma for the bunny, but then NVM. You already have a bunny named Emma. AHA! EMMA 2, EMMA 3, EMMA 4, EMMA 5, EMMA 6, AND EMMA ETCETERA!!! XD Great! So, if the bunny going to be with that food thingy we were talking about that your dad makes? :D Umm, I’m not sure if that’s a good idea. You could look for some videos on KinzTube. It might not be good. I once washed my Webkinz, and his fur wasn’t soft anymore. But I’m sure some KinzTubers has an answer for you! On Fan Videos, I posted my list. You can read it on their. And go back a page. I replied to you.

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              Hi, MLP! Ah, I can sort of understand that. They say “gods”, which is pretty close to the actual swearing. But I actually love it! I just really like the dragons and I think Toothless is adorable, hehe. Storks is a great movie, if you haven’t seen it! Marvel movies? Naw, I didn’t get any Marvel movies. My mom probably wouldn’t like me to watch those. Pokemon is awesome!! ^-^ Heh, really? It actually doesn’t hurt that much when their pierced though. It just kind of stings and feels warm. It isn’t that bad. They are really cute, I know! =D I was really excited to get them! Hmm.. well, I actually haven’t made any of my bunnies into a character yet. I don’t have any real plans on making a character out of my new lop bunny, so I don’t think I could join.. sorry! Wow, thanks for all of those name suggestions! Hahah, yeah, I know! XD I love the name Emma, I wish I could use it again. Aw, no, I totally forgot to take a picture! Sorry about that, MLP.. XP ….

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              …. Yeah, I don’t think I’ll wash it, just in case. I definitely don’t want to ruin it. XP

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              Hey, emi! Yeah, stuff like that. I know! Toothless and Starfire are so cute! But I have to say, Astrid’s hairstyle is pretty cool, right? Yeah! Pokemon is pawesome! Yeah, I want them pierced, but my dad, he doesn’t want to hear me scream. But I got a shot and I didn’t cry or scream… Aw, okay. No problem! WHen it comes to names for a bunny, BOOM! Yeah, hey, does your dad have a WKN account? He could give me the recipe. Or unless. Mr. Emidad’s famous recipe is a secret….

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              Yep! Toothless and Astrid are cool. I like Hiccup too, of course, though. Oh, pish posh! You tell your dad you won’t scream. I didn’t scream at all and I’m kinda a wimp. XD It really doesn’t hurt that bad! From what I remember, it just feels warm for a while. It’s like someone pinched you on the ear. Just think of it like a shot.. it’s quick and it’s a one and done deal for the actual piercing part. Trust me, MLP, it’s truly not bad enough to make you scream. Hahah, yeah. XD You have a lot of names for bunnies, that’s for sure! Nope. My dad doesn’t have an account, but I doubt he’d give you his special recipe anyway. =P

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        Hey, emi! (Sorry for the late reply, by the way! D:) Thank you! I did have a very nice Christmas! I hope you did too! :) Oh, cool! I always love hearing what people get for Christmas, haha XD Wow, those are some awesome presents!! It’s neat that you got some movies! I haven’t seen Storks or the third Narnia, but I bet they’re pretty good! I’ve seen the other ones, and I like them, especially Inside Out…it’s actually one of my favorite movies! :) It’s cool that you got lots of Pokemon stuff, too! Aw, and those earrings sound cute, too! I don’t wear earrings, (if you see this, TaffyKitty, you’re not the only one XD) but they sound nice! Ahh, and that’s amazing, emi!! I’m so happy you could get the Signature Cheetah and Signature Lop Bunny!! I know you’ve wanted the cheetah for a long time, so I’m really happy you finally have one! It’s a really awesome Signature, isn’t it? I don’t have the Lop Bunny, but my sister does, and it looks adorable, too! ^_^ Congratulations on getting them! Oh, sure, I can give you some name suggestions! …

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          … Here’s some that might work: Allison, Alaina, Alexis, Bailey, Claire, Daphne, Ella, Hazel, Jordan, (or that could be a guy name too), Rachel, Rebecca, Sophie, Stella, and Skylar. And, here’s a few guy names, too: Chris, Joseph, Daniel, Clyde, Andrew, Sebastian, Sawyer, or, if you want some uncommon names, how about Hannibal, Casper, or Clive? (I was looking up boy names online yesterday, and those are some uncommon ones I found XD) I hope these are okay! Sorry if they’re not the best…good luck naming your new Signatures! Also, I’d love to see a photo of them if you send one in! :D Oh, and hmm…I honestly don’t know…I would probably suggest not to wash it in the washer machine, just because you don’t want to risk messing it up. I only ever washed one of my stuffed animals in the washer, (it wasn’t a Webkinz), and I’m pretty sure it said it was machine washable on the tag. I don’t really know, though…eh, sorry if that’s not much help. :P Anyway, congrats again on your presents, emi! I hope you enjoy them all, and thanks for letting us know about them! :D

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            Hi, moonie! (No, no, it’s fine! It wasn’t hardly late at all. =]) Haha, same! XD Yeah, they’re both really good movies! I just watched the Narnia one last night and it was really cool. Storks is this really cute and funny movie, which my family has a lot of inside jokes with. XD I totally recommend it though! Ah, yeah, same! They’re such good movies. Hehe, yes, I’m really enjoy all of my Pokemon stuff! ^-^ Yeah, they are! The red pair of them looked so good with my red sweater I was wearing, haha! (That’s okay! It took me a while to get my ears pierced.. but I think it’s just cause I was scared =P) Ah thanks!! Yeah, I was really excited to get them! The Cheetah and Lop Bunny are equally adorable. ^-^ Oh and thank you for the name suggestions! I really like Casper, Alexis, and Skylar! (haha, I love looking up baby names when I’m trying to name a webkinz.. I do it every time XD) Oh yes, I actually took some pictures the other day! I just need to submit them now, which I’ll probably do soon. …

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              … Alright, I know that it’s typically not good to put them in the washer, but I was just wondering.. =P I think I’ll do the “pat down” with a little water or something. That’s alright, though! Thanks for taking the time to think about it! Thank you again! ^-^

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      Snowball’s Snowy Day-Part 1(PLEASE MODERATE THIS!) Snowbal the Silversoft was looking out the window. IT WAS SNOWING OUT! “Snowball, would you like to have a fun snow day with your friends today?” Mrs. Snowball asked. “That sounds like fun! Thanks, Mom!” Snowball said as he got out his phone and started to text his friends. 10 minuets later— Lightning and Olaf were knocking on the Silversoft’s door. “I’ll get that for you, Snowy!” Mrs. Snowball said as she answered the door. “Why hello, Lightning and Olaf! It’s nice to see you! Come on in!” Mrs. Silversoft said letting the two friends inside their home. “Hi, Mrs. Snowball! Thanks for letting us come over to play at Snowball’s!” Olaf said as he waddled inside. “Hey, Mrs. Snowball! It’s nice to see you, too! I really like the lights that are outside!” Lightning said as he walked inside. “Hi Olaf! No problem! I love it when Snowball’s friends come over! Hey, Lightning! Thanks! The electric bill went down this year, so we could afford to put them out this year.” Mrs. Snowball said reluctantly. “Hey, Olaf! Hiya, Lightning! How are you guys?! Are you ready to play in the snow!?” Snowball asked.

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        ~2~ “Heya, Snowball! I’m doing great! And yes, I am ready to play in the snow!” Lightning said. “Yeah, but I’m still dreaming in SUMMMEERRRRRR!!!!!!” Olaf said. “Olaf, please not a song again!” Lightning said. “Oh come on!” Olaf said. Then, somebody knocked on the door. “I’ll get it!” Olaf said waddling to the door. “Oh! Hi…um…what’s your name again?” Olaf asked the animal. “IT’S JAMES, KAILIE, AND COMMANDER HURRICANE!” James said as he, Kailie, and Commander Hurricane walked in. “Oh,” Olaf shrugged. “Where’s Snowball?” James asked. “He’s sitting on the couch with Lightning,” Olaf replied. “OHHHH, LET US IN ALREADY! WE’RE FREEZING OUTSIDE!” Kailie urged Olaf. “Your a husky. Why are you cold?” Olaf said. “You’re a penguin. Why do you dream of summer?” Kaile retorted. “Well…” Olaf said. “JUST LET US IN!” Kailie shouted. “You want lettuce to come in? Your not holding any.” Olaf laughed. “NO! JUST LET US COME IN THE HOUSE! I’M FREEZING!” Kailie said. “I cannot,” Olaf said. “Oh, so you can knot?” Kailie asked. “Just let us in, Olaf.” Jaames said. “Fine,” Olaf said rolling his eyes. ~2~

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          ~3~ “We’re finally inside!” Kailie shouted. “JAMES!” Lightning said excitedly as he jumped off from the couch and went to go see James. “Hey, Lightning! How are ya, bud?” James asked. “Great, I’m fine! Oh and I see Commander and Kailie are with you,” Lightning said. “Wait, when did YOU start hanging out with Kailie?” Lightning questioned teasingly. “Oh no..” Commander mumbled. “Uh, she’s just a friend. We’ve always been hanging out together.” James replied. looking at Lightning in disbelief. “Uh-huh,” Lightning said. “Okay then. James, Kailie, Commander, you guys can have a seat on the couch while we wait for everyone else to show up.” Snowball said. Then, the door flew open. “HI, SNOWBALL!” Decade said as she flew inside. “Hey, Deccers! Please shut the door. It’s getting cold in here,” Snowball said. “Oh…right.” Decade said as she went to close the door. “Who are YOU?” Olaf asked the strange looking Decade dragon. “I’m Decade! And I’m from the dragon world up in the skies. I came down here because my home got really cold because I live in a cloud home. My cloud started to make snow ~3~

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            ~4~ fall and my home got really cold!” Decade said. “Oh, well that sounds boring. Don’t you ever wish you could move to the beach in the warm summer wind?” Olaf said. “No,” Decade replied. “I forgot to mention, I brought a few of my friends along with me!” Decade said. “C’mon in guys!” Decade said as a few more dragons flew inside. “Meet Bowser, Sam, Mandie, and Puff! Puff is my brother. My other sibling, PANDA and JULY couldn’t make it today.” Decade said. “MORE DRAGONS?! I’M SCARED OF DRAGONS!” Olaf said hiding behind Lightning. “Really? Then ROAR!” Mandie said as she roared at Olaf. “Eeek!” Olaf said. Then, someone knocked on the door. “More guests!” Snowball said as he raced to the door. “Oh, hi Pikachu! Hi, Tall Shadow! Hi, Tundra! Hi, Harper! And hi, Frost! How are you guys!” SNowball asked. “We’re doing good!” Pikachu said. “Hi, SNowball! Thank you for inviting us over!” Tall Shadow said. “Heya, Snowwers!” Tundra said. “Hi, SNowball! It’s nice to see you!” Frost said. ‘Yo, Snowball!” Harper said friendly. ~4~

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              Hi guys, I’ll have to finish my story later. My dad says we have to go into town now See ya! I hope to finish this soon! Actually, I was typing, and part 5′s page got xed out and now, I forgot what I wrote. :P

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              Heya, MLP! Oh yay, your story moderated this time!! :D Ah, I gotta say… I really enjoyed reading what you have so far! Heheh, the things that you did with Olaf were pretty funny! XD And haha, Kailee was pretty funny, too!! She’s a cool character of yours, if I do say so myself! ;D Ooh, cool! I’m excited to see when your characters interact with mine… I bet it’ll be awesome! :) Anywho, thanks again for sharing, MLP, and I’m super excited to read the rest! :D

            • #1187356

              Hey Taffy! Yeah, it did! I put some words differently, though. Thanks! I couldn’t help it. XD I got the ‘Not Knot’ thing from Pooh Bear. You can watch the video. Just Google “Winnie The Pooh Owl!!! I can’t believe…” XD Thanks! I’m glad you like Kailie! Yup! Sure will! *Evil Laugh* Wait until Pikachu starts being himself with Tall Shadow and Lightning. XD

            • #1187426


              Hi, MLP! Yep, and that’s great! :D Ah okay, well hey… sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do, you know? I remember posting a story several months ago featuring my signature Australian shepherd, Steve, and my signature white bengal tiger, Bucky, as kids, and it didn’t moderate the first time, so I had to re-word some of it :P You’re welcome! ^-^ And really? That’s pretty cool! :D I used to watch Winnie the Pooh a lot when I was young, but I don’t remember some of the movies too much anymore… I’ll have to go look that up a little later! It certainly is pretty funny, heheh ;) You’re welcome; she an awesome character!! :D Hahah, oh yes…. I look very much forward to reading hat part!!! XD I’m sure it’ll be hilarious!!

            • #1187439

              Hey, Taffy! Oh my gosh, I bet that was really annoying. But that sounds really cute! Steve and Bucky as kids would be really funny to read. Yeah, Winnie The Pooh is a great show for all ages. I watched it ALL of the time when I was younger. I still watch it today! I love all of the characters! “Oh, d-d-d-dear!” Remember that? Have you watched it yet? haha, this will be SOO much fun! Oh, and I’m going to post all of the story on this page instead of having it go everywhere like normal…

            • #1187445

              DID PART 5 EVEN GET POSTED?! ~5~ “Hey, everybody!” Snowball said. “Are you guys ready for some snow fun!?” SNowball asked. “Yeah!” everyone said. “Wait, aren’t White, Winter Sugar Cocoa, Snowflurry, Winter Sugar Cocoa, and Starlight coming?” Mrs. SNowball asked. “Yes, but there’s a blizzard coming, and they’re 20 minuets late! ANd I wanna get to play in the snow!” Snowball said “Oh. Well, if you guys are going to come in before a blizzard, I’ll have to make you guys some hot chocolate! But we don’t have any. I’m going to go to the store and buy some. I’ll leave you guys alone since you’re with everyone now. And PLEASE DON’T FEED THE FISH POP ROCKS THIS TIME!” Mrs. Snowball said as she put on her boots. “Okay, sounds good! We won’t! Poor Swimmy. He’s purple now.” Snowball said. As everyone walked outside to play….”I can’t wait to build a sandman!” Olaf said. “Snowman you mean,” Kailie said. “Yeah, whatever,” Olaf replied. “This place needs music!” Mandie said. ~5~

            • #1187446

              ~6~ Okay I think that got posted… “Ooh! You should play Let it Go!” Olaf suggested. “Um…okay,” Mandie said as her phone started to sing Let It Go. “NOOOO!!!!!!!!” Kailie yelled. “WHY Let it Go? WHY did you let Olaf pick? WHY…” Kailie said but Olaf interrupted. “…is my favorite letter in the alphabet!” Mandie smiled. “Come on, Tall Shadow! Let’s go build a snowman!” Pikachu said pulling Tall Shadow’s paw to a spot. “Okay, that sounds like fun!” Tall Shadow said. Then, Starlight, White, Winter Sugar Cocoa, Snowflurry, and Stocking appeared. “Oh, hey, Starlight!” Pikachu said. “Hi, Pikachu! Hi, Tall Shadow!” Starlight said running over to Pikachu and Starlight. “Hi, Starlight! We’re building a snowman. Would you want to join us?” Tall Shadow asked. “Sure! I haven’t built one in forever!” Starlight said. “Wait, we should make a snowbunny instead,” Pikachu said. “Awww,” STarlight said. “Cute! Hey look! Marshmelllew is over there! Maybe he could be a model for our snowman,” Tall Shadow said. ~6~

            • #1187584

              ~7~ “Hey, that sounds like a good idea!” Pikachu said. “Hey, Marshmelllew! Come over here!” Pikachu called out to the bunny who was sniffing the house. “Hi!” Marshmelllew said. “Hello! Would you be out model for our snowbunny?” Starlight asked. “Sure! I love snowbunnies! Look! I’m white as snow!” Marshy said. “You’re very soft,” Tall Shadow said petting Marshmelllew. “Thanks! I also have warm ears!” Marshmelllew said. “Cute!” Starlight said. As with the other friends. “And guess what happened next?” Frost asked Snowball. “What?” Snowball asked. “Steve saved the day! Captain America forever!” Frost said. “Cool! Boy, I wish I was a superhero!” Snowball said. “Yeah! If I was a superhero, I’d be Snow Man!” Frost said! “Urgmfybleh. I’d be Metalmeow,” Snowball said. “Ohhh, so you’d have a metal voice then,” Frost said. “Sort of,” SNowball said. Then, Winter SUgar Cocoa walked by. Pikachu threw a snowball at her. “Oh! I’ve always liked you, Snowball! Oh wait, this is the snow snowball, not the real SNowball,” WInter said. ~7~

            • #1187585

              ~8~ “Oh boy…” SNowball said. Then, White sneaked up behind Snowball, and picked him up. “AAAHHH! WHITE! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?” SNowball asked scared. “Hi-yaaah!” White said as she threw SNowball at Winter. “Oh NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!” Snowball yelled. So White, the DOmino Cat literally threw Winter SUgar Cocoa on Snowball. “Ughhh…” SNowball said. “Um, hi,” WInter said shyly. “Here, let me help you two,” Frost said helping WinterSC and SNowball up. “White! How could you throw me?!” SNowball asked. “Well, I just exercised daily, and I have strength to lift you up now,” WHite answered. “No! Why did you throw me at Winter?” Snowball asked. “Because Pikachu threw a snowball at WInter Sugar Cocoa, and she was wanting the REAL SNowball to be thrown at her. “Um, I’m going to go to the bathroom,” WInter said as she left WHite, Snowball, and Frost. “So, see ya later! I’m going to go hangout with Pikachu, STarlight, and Tall SHadow,” White said. “Yeah…” SNowball said. “Hehe, you’re covered in snow!,” Frost said. ~8~

            • #1187586

              ~9~ “Oh, please. Give me a break. Let’s go make snow angels,” SNowball suggested to Frost. “Good idea!” Frost said. “This igloo will be better than the one James, Commander Hurricane, and Kailie made!” Mandie said. “Yeah! ANd theirs doesn’t even havemusic playing from the inside!” Sam said. “Plus ours has a craving inside that says “Dragon Den”. And theirs says “Husky Hangout”,” Bowser commented. “But theirs has a cool song playing, and ours is just playing Let It Go,” Decade said. “Yeah, yeah. The song is gonna end soon,” Mandie said. “After that, you should play the Avengers theme song!” Bowser said. “Avengers theme song? That only has music to it. I want the one with words,” Mandie said. “Well then have Sam make up a theme song!” Bowser said. “What!?” Sam said. “Yeah, your in a task of songwriting,” Decade said. “Those dragons are planning to song write an Avengers theme song! We have to write a song,” Commander Hurricane said. “Sounds like a good idea!” James said. “Okay, Kailie, you’re in charge of…. ~9~

            • #1187587

              ~10~ writing it,” James said. “Hey! I’m not good at songwriting! What’s the point!?” Kailie asked. “You have that rock sense to you, so you’re going to be the music expert,” James said. “Riiiight! Have your co-worker help while your building a snowman!” Kailie said. “Suuuuure. Remember the last time I wrote a song?” James asked Kailie. “NEVER MIND! I CAN WRITE THE SONG BY MYSELF!” Kailie said remembering how terrible James’s last song he wrote was. “Ohh! Are you talking about Squizzly Skqwarkdle?” Commander asked. “Yeeeeeaaah,” James said showing Commander his phone. “♫♪OHHHH!! SQUIZZLY SKQWARKDLE! YEAH, YEAH! WHo’s better than Squizzly Skqwarkdle? Nobody, that’s who! Squizzly is a golpher who likes to drink sulfur! Oh yeah! Uh-huh! *Song continues*♪♫” “Forget I asked,” Commander said. “Yeah, so could you please turn that off?” Kailie asked. “Oh, right,” James said turning it off. “Take it easy on me. I was 4 years old when I sand that. My mom helped me with the costumes, and my dad did the recording,” ~10~

            • #1187588

              ~11~ “Oh. Well you were so cute when you were 4! And look, you have a cute binky in your mouth!” Commander said. “Hehe, and the binky has a piggy on it! And he’s wearing footies!” Kailie pointed out. “Yeah, I told you my mom helped with costumes,” James said a little embarrassed. “Come on, James. You were ADORABLE when you made it! But okay, why would there be a gopher who ate sulfur? That’s just…HE WOULDN’T EVEN BE ALIVE THEN!” Commander said. “Ugh,” James regretted. ~~~”*Sigh* What should we do?” Lightning asked. “Tall Shadow is playing with Pikachu, STarlight, and WHite. What am I suppose to do?” Stocking rolled his eyes. “You just have to get over the fact that Tall Shadow doesn’t like you very much. Just play in the snow,” Stocking said as he put some snow cone syrup on the snow and started to eat it. “I CAN’T!” Lightning said. “I’ve got it!” Olaf shouted. But then Olaf fell off of the fence. “How about building Tall Shadow a sculpture of herself! Like one that’s made out of…… ~11~

            • #1187589

              ~12~……snow!” Olaf suggested. “Uh-oh…” Stocking said. “Hey, that’s not a bad idea! Thanks for the idea, Olaf!” Lightning said. “No problem! It’s time to start Mrs. and Mr. Lightning!” Olaf said. ‘WHAT?!” Stocking said falling off of the fence. “Oof! Is that really a good idea?” STocking asked. “Of course! Lightning can show Tall Shadow! After all she is a SNOW leopard,” Olaf said proudly. “This will almost be as good as walking into Pizza Hut!” Olaf said warmly. “Oh no,” Stocking said. “I guess I’ll stay here in case you two cause more trouble…” Stocking said. “What was that?” Olaf asked. “Nothing, just mumbling stuff,” Stocking answered. “And guess what happened next?” Tundra asked. “What?!” Winter SUgar Cocoa, Snowflurry, and Harper asked. “Marshmelllew started to nibble on James’s paw!” Tundra said. “Wow, that must be nice to nibble on somebunny else’s paw,” Harper said. “Yeah,” Winter said. “I wonder what James thought of that…” Snowflurry said. “Why don’t you go ask him?” Tundra suggested. ~12~

            • #1187591

              ~13~ “Yeah, it wouldn’t hurt to ask,” Harper said. “Yeah! And when you come back, you have to tell us what he said,” Winter Sugar Cocoa said. “Um…okay. Where is he?” SNowflurry asked. “He’s over there in that igloo that says ‘Husky Hangout’,” Harper said. “Oh, okay. I guess I’ll be going over there!” Snowflurry said. “YOU GUYS WE’RE RIGHT TO PICK ME TO WRITE THE SONG! LISTEN TO THIS! “♫♪No winter will come to Ponyville, I’ll do it on my own. I will keep you by my side, so I will not be alooone! And I’ll fly! And I’ll fly until the end of the sky! So I’ll be the one who doesn’t have to say goodbye…..♪♫ Then Snowflurry comes in and interrupts the song. “Hi! Where’s James?” She asked nervously. “Oh, he’s right beside me,” Kailie said. “Oh,” SNowflurry said a little embarrassed. “Huh? Hi! WHat do you need?” James asked. “Hi, I’m Snowflurry! What did you think of when Marshmelllew started to nibble on your paw?” Snowflurry asked nervexcitedly. James looked a little embarrassed. Commander and Kailie smiled at James. ~13~ …..

            • #1187592

              ~14~ “Uhhhhh, erm…..I felt…” James said scratching his ear with his paw. “He felt delicious because he was a bunny meal. He was in charge of a bunny play. And left paw down there doesn’t have much fur on it because that’s the paw Marshmelllew nibbled on,” Commander Hurricane. “…speechless,” James said. “Oh, okay. Thanks for telling me!” Snowflurry said happily as she left the igloo. When Snowflurry got there…”And BOOM! White threw Snowball on me,” WInter SUgar COcoa said. “Wow, that’s pretty neat! I never knew White was THAT strong!” Harper said. “Poor Snowball…” Tundra said. “I’m back!” SNowflurry called out. “Oh, hey SNowflurry! WHat did James say? ANything?” Harper asked. “He said he felt speechless,” Snowflurry said. “Ohhh. I wish I was there to see it happen,” Winter SUgar Cocoa said. “Um, you could’ve came with me,” Snowflurry said. “No, I was talking about when Marshmelllew nibbled on his paw,” WinterSC said. “Oh. Sorry. The bunny play is only for bunnies and their director,” ~`4~

            • #1187594

              ~15~ Snowflurry said. “Yeah, yeah…” Tundra said. “And our snowbunny is finished!” Pikachu said. “Wow! He’s so cute!” Starlight commented. “Yeah, he is something. Pikachu, do you want to hand me a few rocks and a carrot from your pocket? I know you brought some before we left,” Tall Shadow asked. “Sure,” Pikachu said as he handed Tall Shadow the carrots and the rocks. “There!” Tall Shadow said. “Now our rabbit is purrfect! SOrry, I couldn’t resist doing a cat pun. That was pretty BUNNY, right?” Tall Shadow asked. Marshmelllew smiled. “You did it! You made a snowbunny, and I was your model! He’s cute! Just like me!” Marshmelllew said clapping his two bunny paws. “Now what should we do?” Starlight asked. “SNOWBALL FIGHT!” Marshmelllew and Pikachu yelled as they both started to throw snowballs at Starlight and Tall Shadow. “Oh, boy!” Starlight said throwing some back at them. “Don’t hit the snowbunny!” Tall Shadow said as she put some snow in Pikachu’s back. ~15~

            • #1187596

              I’m not sure if part 15 got posted… ~16~ “Oh no!” Pikachu screamed. “I’VE GOT SNOW IN MY BACK! I’VE GOT SNOW IN MY BACK! I’VE GOT SNOW IN MY BACK! I’VE GOT SNOW IN MY BACK I’VE GOT SNOW-” Pikachu yelled but then Starlight interrupted. “We get the point, you’ve got snow in your back,” Starlight said. “Wow! You look funny jumping around like that!” Marshmelllew said. “OHHH, GET THAT SNOW OUT OF MY BACK!” Pikachu said yelling like crazy. “Well, I can’t really. Your jumping around, so I can’t possibly help you get it out,” Tall Shadow said. “Never mind! I got it out!” Pikachu yelled. “Ugh,” Marshmelllew said. ~~~”And here is the best sculpture in the world! A sculpture of Tall Shadow!” Lightning said as he pulled off the sheet. “Whhhooooaaaa!!!” Olaf said as he gazed at the amazing statue of Tall Shadow. Stocking jumped off of the fence and looked at the sculpture. “What did you do now? And oh my gosh, that looks…AMAZING! You really did a good job!” Stocking said. ~16~

            • #1187598

              ~17~ “Thanks! I did it ALL by myself! Now, we have to show it to Tall Shadow,” Lightning said. “Okaaaay. But I’m not going to tell her. Olaf, since you suggested this, why don’t YOU tell her?” Stocking said. “Okay! I’ll tell her! ♫♪And we’ll dream in SUMMERRRRRR!!!!♪♫” Olaf sang as he went to find Tall Shadow. “Hey, Harper, Tundra, WinterSC, Snowflurry! Check out Lightning’s sculpture of Tall Shadow! It’s over there by the fence,” Olaf said as he waddled to the ‘Dragon Den’. “♫♪And here we FIGHT! We are Avengers! (Oh, whoa, oh, oh) Nobody can stop us! We are superheroes! (Oh, oh) We FIGHT for justice! Our league is unstoppable! (Hey!) Try to fight, but we’re going to win! (We’re doing this for your safety) Come and fight, life isn’t a strife with us!!!! Oh, whoa, yeah, yeah….♪♫” Sam sang but then Olaf waddled in and stopped him from singing by his “Summer” songs. “♫♪And I’ll dream in sumeeeeeeeeerrrrr!♪♫ Oh, why hello! You guys have to go check Lightning’s sculpture of Tall Shadow. He’s by the fence. And my, what a lovely song!” Olaf said.~17~

            • #1187599

              ~18~ “Ugh! Olaf interrupted me when I was doing really good,” Sam said. “Well, I guess we should go check the Tall Shadow sculpture stature thingy, right?” Decade suggested. “Yeah! Maybe Lightning will sing an opening song!” Mandie said as she and everybody else raced out of their igloo. “Heeeyyy!!! Go check Lightning’s new sculpture of Tall Shadow!” Olaf yelled in Husky Hangout. “WHAT?! LIGHTNING MADE A SCULPTURE OF TALL SHADOW! I’VE GOTTA GET OUT OF HERE!” James yelled as he grabbed COmmander and Kailie’s paw. “Hello, Pikachu! Hello, Starlight! And hello, Mrs. Shadow!” Olaf said to the three. “Hey! You forgot about Marshmelllew!” Marshmelllew said thumping his paw. “Oh. Hi, Marshy!” Olaf said. “Hello!” Starlight said. “Hi,” Pikachu said. “Um, hi? And who’s Mrs. Shadow?” Tall Shadow asked. “Well, it’s Y-O-U!” Olaf said. “Whaddya want?” Pikachu asked! Follow me! And Tall Shadow, hold onto my fin, and close your eyes,” Olaf said. So the 5 walked to Lightning’s sculpture. ~18~

            • #1187600

              ~19~ “Whoa,” voices said in amazement. No one has ever seen such a pretty sculpture. Especially one created my Lightning. “Lightning, your statue is pretty, BUT WHAT WAS THE POINT! EVERYONE GETS THE POINT THAT YOU HAVE A CRUSH ON TALL SHADOW, BUT WHY DID YOU MAKE A SCULPTURE?” James questioned. “Thanks! Olaf told me I should make her it. He got the idea, and the idea was splendid,” Lightning said. James looked at Olaf. “Hello!” Olaf said waving. “Olaf, you said that a few minuets ago…” James said. “Oh,” Olaf said. “Wow, this sculpture is so pretty!” Snowflurry said. “Yes, indeedily,” Harper said. Marshmelllew, who was sneaking up on Lightning wa sright behind him waiting for Harper’s signal. “Voila! You can open your eyes!” Olaf said to Tall Shadow. Tall Shadow opened her eyes. “OH MY!” It looks lovely! Who made it?” Tall Shadow asked. “The signature cougar who likes you,” Olaf said. “Oh, Fallen Leaves?” Tall Shadow said jokingly. “NO! LIGHTNING!” Lightning yelled with a sour face expression ~20~

            • #1187606

              ~21~ “Well of course I knew that!” Tall Shadow said. “Nice!” Starlight said. “I don’t trust this statue,” Pikachu said. “DON’T WORRY, TALL SHADOW! IT’S PIKACHU TIME!” Pikachu said jumping on the sculpture. “Pikachu, DON’T!” Tall Shadow said. But it was too late. Pikachu already tore down Lightning’s statue. “Oh no! My glorious sculpture! Pikachuuuuu….” Lightning said. “Another job well done!” Pikachu said proudly. “Ugghhhh….” Tall Shadow said. “You. *Sniffs* Ruind. My. TALL SHADOW!” Lightning said. “YOUR TALL SHADOW?! WE’VE BEEN FRIENDS EVER SINCE TALL SHADOW WAS IN A DIAPER!” Pikachu said. “Um, I’m a year older than you,” Tall Shadow said. “Whatever,” Pikachu said. “Go!” Harper yelled to Marshmelllew. Marshmelllew shook his ears. “Well I think that it was…AAAAHHH! SOMEBUNNY IS NIBBLING ON PAW!” Lightning yelled. James laughed. “My experiences are now yours,” James said. “Stop nibbling on my boots!” Lightning yelled to Marshmelllew. ~21~

            • #1187607

              ~22~ “Mmm! It tastes like snow!” Marshmelllew said slurping his tongue. “Ohhhh, I’M NOT YOUR LUNCH!” Lightning yelled. “BUNNIES ARE THE BEST!” Harper and SNowflurry yelled as both of them joined Marshmelllew for nibbling on Lightning’s boots. “OHHHH!!!” Lightning yelled. “Sorry Lightning, only Marshmelllew nibbled on my paw. Nobunny else,” James said smiling. “Hi everyone! I’m glad you’re having fun, but the blizzard will be staring shortly, so I would like it if you would all some inside,” Mrs. Snowball said. “I guess she got her hot chocolate already,” Bowser said. Then everybody raced inside. “Wait! I have to get a picture of my snowbunny!” Tall Shadow said getting out her camera and taking a picture of the snowbunny. “There. Hey! Wait for me!” Tall Shadow said catching up with everyone and racing up to the house. “You all are freezing! Here, take off your coats, gloves, earmuffs, and boots. I’ll go get some blankets,” Mrs. Snowball said going to a different room getting blankets. ~22~

            • #1187608

              ~23~ “It’s snowing really hard now,” Starlight said. “Brrrr! I’m glad I’m not out there!” Winter Sugar Cocoa said. “Okay, here are all of the blankets I could find. Here, Snowflurry, you can have this gingerbread one. Pikachu, this is a big blanket so you’re going to have to share this blanket with Lightning and Marshmelllew,” Mrs. Snowball said. Pikachu and Lightning made sour faces. “Fiiine,” Lightning said. “Ooh! This’ll be fun! I can nibble on your paw since your boots are off,” Marshmelllew said. Lightning put his paws on the couch. “Aw,” Marshmelllew said. “I need room for my ears!” Pikachu said. “What?! Just borrow a rubber band from Starlight and put them up like a pony tail,” Lightning said. “A pony tail? I have that! So no, you can’t take MY pony tail,” Starlight said. “But here’s an hairband anyways,” STarlight said tossing her pink hairband to Pikachu. “Pink?” Pikachu asked in a disgusted tone. “That’s all I have. Unless you want my MLP and Barbie bands…” Starlight said. “Uh, no. This is good enough,” Pikachu said putting his ears up. ~23~

            • #1187609

              ~24~ “Um, Mandie? You’ll have to share this big blanket with Tall Shadow, Harper, and Snowflurry,” Mrs. Snowball said. “Okay. Hey Tall Shadow! You’ve gotta hear this!” Mandie said to Tall Shadow putting her earplugs on Tall Shadows ears. “Aaah! Too loud!” Tall Shadow said. “Oh, right,” Mandie said turning the volume down. “It’s our Avengers theme song! Sam wrote it! It’s pretty great, isn’t it?” Mandie said. “Yeah! This is actually pretty good. Sam, you did a great job!” Tall Shadow said smiling. “Thanks! Decade is the background singer,” Sam said as Mrs. Silversoft handed him a Marvel blanket. “Hmph! Well it’s probably not as good as ours!” Kailie said playing “I’ll Fly” off of her phone. “It’s one of the coolest songs around!” James commented. “Yeah! And it’s also a remix of it!” Commander said as Mrs. Silversoft handed him a blanket. “AAAHHH!” Commander screamed. “What?!” everybody asked in question. “You gave me a blanket with floating pink unicorns on it with sparkly purple kittens!” COmmander said. ~24~

            • #1187610

              ~25~ “So? It’s just a sparkly purple kitten with floating pink unicorns. It’s not going to hurt you or anything,” Frost said. Then Mrs. Silversoft handed him a blanket. “AAAAHHH!” Frost yelled. “What?!” Everybody asked. “Mrs. SIlversoft, you gave me a blanket w-with p-p-purple sparkly kittens and pink floating unicorns!” Frost said dramatically. “Ugh,” White said hitting her forehead with her paw. “Okay, does everyone have a blanket?” Mrs. Silversoft asked. “Me, WinterSC, and Olaf don’t,” Tundra said. “Okay, you and WinterSC can share this big yellow blanket. Olaf, here’s a Frozen blanket,” Mrs. Silversoft said. “Thanks!” Olaf said. “I’m going to make you some hot chocolate,” Mrs. Silversoft said going to the kitchen. “I’ll take marshmallows in mine!” Lightning called out. “Hey! You can’t have me in your hot chocolate!” Marshmelllew said. “You nibbled me! So now it’s time I nibbled you!” Lightning said. “Eeek!” Marshmelllew said running on Tall Shadow’s lap. Snowball looked at his blanket. “Mom! You gave me my baby blannket! It’s too small…..

            • #1187611

              ~26~ …it’s to small for me!” Snowball said. “Awww, I wish you were a baby!” Mrs. Snowball said. “Mom, you’re embarrassing me!” SNowball said. “Okay, Here’s some hot chocolate, everyone! Enjoy@” Mrs. Snowball said. ~26~ Hi, everyone! I’m going to finish this on Monday when all of my other replies are moderated. ANd I asked ROsy if she wanted to join earlier, and she hasn’t replied yet. ANd by the time you guys see this. 2018! Yay!

            • #1223771

              ~27~ “Ohhhh, hot chocolate. Yummmmm!” Pikachu said. Winter Sugar Cocoa took a sip. “OW!” she said. “That’s hot!” “That’s why they call it HOT chocolate,” Snowball said. Marshmelllew stared at his hot chocolate. “Ewww! What is it?” he said looking at the hot gross brown stuff that was in a cup. “Hot chocolate,” Mrs. Silversoft said. “Marshmelllew put 2 ears down. “No thank you. I want carrots!” Marshy said hopping off of Tall Shadow’s lap. “Oh,” Mrs. SNowball said getting some carrots for Marshmelllew. “What do you think we should do?” SNowball asked. “PLAY BOARD GAMES!” Olaf said. “No, we should play team games,” Mandie said. “LIke what?” Olaf asked. “Well, maybe who can bake the most delicious desert!” Mandie said. “Ooh!” everyone said. “Not bad, sounds like fun,” Olaf said to Mandie. “Alright, let’s do it!” Mrs. Silversoft said. Most of the kinz got up to go to the kitchen or wherever they were holding it, all but Lightning. “WHy aren’t you coming?” White asked Lightning. ~27~

            • #1223773

              ~28~ Lightning looked at White. “Who ARE you?” Lightning said. He never talked to White before. “I’m White, the Domino Cat,” White said. “Haha! You’re not even fully white! You have black patches on you!” Lightning said. White looked mad. “ARE YOU GETTING UP OR NOT?” She asked. “No, I wanna stay by the warm fireplace,” Lightning said. “You were sitting on the couch with a blanket on you. You got up and went nearer to the fireplace. We’re NOT playing by the fireplace!” White said. “I am not getting up!” Lightning said. “Fine if you want to do this the hard way, then we’ll do this the HARD way!” White said trying to pull Lightning from the fireplace. White grabbed his waist and tried to pull him out, but his claws were on the carpet. “Let…..goooo!” White said as she struggled to make him get up. “I. Am. Not. Getting. UP!” Lightning said. White tried pulling his tail, but that didn’t work. “JUST GET UP!” she said. “Alright, you asked for it, Bucko!” White said about to lift him up. “I’m not Buck, Bucky is…” Lightning started to said but then White ~28~

            • #1223779

              ~28~ White lifted him up in the air like he was flying like a bird. “H-H-Hey! P-P-P-Put M-M-M-Me D-D-D-Down!” He said as white was about to throw him over the room to the door in the kitchen. Lightning flew across the room. “Hey, I’m flying like a bird! Look at me! I’m a birdy! I’m a…” Lightning said excitedly while Tall Shadow was making big eyes at him, but suddenly…THUD! Lightning ended up landing on Tall Shadow. “Owwwww….” Lightning said not noticing he was on Tall Shadow. “Oh! Well hi there, Tall! How art thou?” Lightning asked not getting up. “S-S-S-Someone G-G-G-Get him off of me,” Tall Sahdow said putting her paws over her eyes. White walked into the room. “Oh! Oops,” White said lifting up Lightning and putting him down and helping Tall Shadow up. Winter Sugar Cocoa put her hooves over her eyes and sighed. Snowball hit his forehead. “He’s in here now!” White announced. Everyone stared at White in disbelief. “Woooow, Whitney. I-I-I never knew you were THAT strong!” Mrs. Snowball said. ~28~

            • #1223787

              ~29~ “Well, she is!” Winter Sugar Cocoa said. Olaf and a few others started to snicker at the idea. “Annnnnyways, Let’s pair up the teams!” Mrs. Snowball said as she started to count everyone. Then, the doorbell rang. “Oh! Lightning could you go get that?” Mrs. SNowball asked as Lightning reluctantly went to the door making sure WHite didn’t follow him. “That Domino Cat is out of her mind,” Lightning thought to himself as he answered the door.(Bubbashuka’s characters are going to be in this scene and also Moonie’s penguin, Emmy. You thought I forgot about her, didn’t you? XD) “Why hello, dear! I am…” Lightnign said hoping it would be a female spotted cat, but no, this time it was a signature dachshund, antelope, cheer pup, glitter fawn, bee, and a penguin. Lightning made a sour face. “Who invited YOU guys here?” Lightning asked. “I-I-It’s cold! CHesnut said shivering. “Eh, I’m not sure if I should let you in, you know I…” Lightning said not finishing his sentence. SNowball ran to the door to answer it. “OH, hey guys! It’s nice to…

            • #1223789

              ~30~ “…see you guys! Sorry about Lightning, he’s not in a good mood,” SNowball said letting his other friends inside. “Whaddya mean I’m not in a good mood?” Lightning asked SNowball asked they headed to the kitchen. “Well, you didn’t act very nice to them,” SNowball said. “So? I don’t like new people,” Lightning said. “Oh Lightning…” SNowball said as the two entered the kitchen. “Hi everyone!” Mrs. Snowball said as the kitchen started to get full. “Oh wow. Anyways, we’re doing a team competition! It’s about making the best desserts! So, let me count…” Mrs. Snowball said counting. “Oh, how fun!” Samantha said excitedly. “Hi! My name is WInter Sugar Cocoa!” Winter Sugar Cocoa said to Samantha. “Oh, hi! My name is Samantha!” Samantha. Both WinterSC and Samantha started to chat together. Olaf stared at Emmy. “A penguin! Just like me!” Olaf said. “I might MELT for her!” Olaf said. Stocking made an expression at Olaf. “What?” Olaf said. “She’s sparkly!” Olaf said. ~30~

            • #1223795

              ~31~ “15…16…26..28! How. How. How. Snowball!!! I told you, a limit of 10 people per party! But that’s okay. I could use the company.” Mrs. SNowball said. “Well, uh, there’s a kitchen downstairs in the basement. It’s a little bigger than this one.” Mrs. SNowball said. “So, 2 teams up here and 2 teams downstairs? 7 people per team, I guess. So, Snowball, Pikachu, Chesnut, Sam, Commander, Puff(I forgot to mention him), and Starlight can be up here in one team.” Mrs. Snowball said. “WHY am I ALWAYS the only GIRL in teams?” Starlight asked. “And James, Kailie, Olaf, Tall Shadow, Mandie, Snowflurry, and Harper, you guys can go downstairs. As the team went downstairs, Mrs. Snowball named the other team. “And Samantha, Winter Sugar Cocoa, Stocking, Glitzy, Tundra, and Frost, and Decade, you guys can stay up here, and Lightning, Bethany, Tundra, Annie, Emmy, Bowser, and Marshmelllew, you can go downstairs,” Mrs. SNowball said as 14 of the kinz went downstairs to the basement. ~31~

            • #1226717

              ~32~ “I’ve never been in SNowball’s basement,” Lightning said. “YAAAA! IS THAT HIS GRANDPACAT?” yelled Lightning. “BEEhave yourself,” Bethany said. “No bee puns,” Lightning said at the bee. “But you’re so cute!” Bethany said to Lightning. Tall Shadow, James, Olaf, Kailie,and Marshmelllew looked at each other with big eyes. Lightning looked at Bethany and rolled his eyes and then looked at Tall Shadow. As they got down there. “Soooo, is this the kitchen?” James asked. “I think so,” Snowflurry said. As the 14 friends went aginst their teams, the team upstairs were having a blast. “Hmm, we could make a Tall Shadow shaped cake!” Snowball said. “L-O-L,” COmmander HUrricane said. “Whatever, just do what’s fine with you guys. I can’t STAND being with boys in one group with 0 girls,” Starlight said. Commander looked at Starlight. “Well, just to tell you, once when I was 5, I was the only boy in my class at church,” COmmander said. Starlight blinked and then the teams got started. ~32~

            • #1227148

              ~33~ “Alrighty, So, we’re going to start out giving our te-ams names!” Mrs. Silversoft said. Snowball and Pikachu smiled at each other excitedly. “COOKETTI!” They both said in excitement. Their other teammates, Chestnut, Sam, Commander Hurricane, Starlight and Puff kind of looked at each other. They didn’t exactly understand what a “Cooketti” was. But “Cooketti” is actually a mix of Pikachu and Snowball’s favorite foods; cookies and spaghetti. Mrs. Silversoft smiled, and said, “Okay, so we have the Cooketti te-am, and what about you guys?” “Team. Not TE-AM,” Decade said. “Hey guys, what should WE be? Decade asked them. “Ummmm,” Stocking said thinking. “Well, we have a mix of a lot of people in our team we haven’t really got to know,” Frost said. “so let’s be Nighttyanelle!” Glitzy said. “It’s a weird name, but yeah, it’s pretty good,” Samantha said smiling at Winter Sugar Cocoa.I just noticed Tundra was on both teams! Ughh, I guess she’ll be on this team(Nightt).) ~33~

            • #1227152

              ~34~ “Okay, I’ll go see what the teams downstairs will be,” Mrs. Silversoft said heading to the basement. “Okaaaay, so,” SNowball said. “What should we make?” “A cake that tastes like nothing that has ever existed!” Chestnut suggested happily. “Hey, yeah! That a really good idea!” Snowball said agreeing to Chestnut’s idea. “Yeah, but what flavor would it be? If it was a cake that tasted like nothing that has ever existed, how would we find something that would flavor it?” Puff asked. “Oh, right. Um…” Snowball said trying to think. “We could flavor it with all of the cake flavors in the whole entire history of flavors!” Commander Hurricane suggested. “Yeah! That sounds like an amazing idea!” Same said. “Okay, let’s get to work then!” Chestnut said as he, and the other Cooketti’s went to get ingredients for their special cake. Nighttyanelle was having problems trying to figure out what they wanted to make. “I think we should make blizzard coffee,” Annie suggested. ~34~

            • #1227158

              ~34~ “No, we should make chocomochococo!” Winter Sugar Cocoa said. “WHAT ABOUT BERRYBRITE BLAST?” Samantha said. “What about vanilla ice cream?” Tundra suggested. “It’s plain ice cream. What specialty does it have?” Stocking asked. “Well, um,” Tundra mumbled. “What about Magic W cupcakes? Webkinz Day is coming up,” Decade said. “HEY- I have an idea!” Frost said. “What!?” They all said together. “We could combine everyone’s ideas into a bowl, and put it in the oven, and then we could put it in the freezer and then it’s be done!” Frost said. “Let’s do it!” everyone said. “Sounds delicious!” Smantha said. ~~~ Mrs. Silversoft was walking downstairs. “Hi, everyone! The two teams upstairs have team names., so what are you guys going to be? Oh, and their names are Cooketti and Nighttyanelle,” Mrs. Silversoft asked happily. “Hmm, how about Diamolights?” Annie suggested. “Nah, we need something with more pizzazz!” Kailie said. “How about Northernlightstars!” James asked. “PERFECT!” Bethany said. ~34~

            • #1227160

              ~35~ “Okay, we have the Northernlightstars, what about you guys?” Mrs. SIlversoft asked. “Hmm, what about Moonshuka12?” Marshmelllew asked. “Okay, but don’t you want to add in EG13?” Mrs. SIlversoft asked. “Oh, oops. Moonishuka12EG13, then,” Marshmelllew said. Then, Mrs. SIlversoft went upstairs. “Okay, so, we should make carrotstirulla!” Marshmelllew said. “No, what about a sparklepops?” Emmy suggested. “Tall Shadow cake, anyone?” Lightning said. Everyone shook their head while Tall Shadow hid behind James. “Eek,” she whispered. “Okay, so, I think we should make glowing smoothie ice cream cake drops,” Snowflurry said. “Eh, not bad. I guess we could try it out,” White said randomly(I totally forgot about her). “Okay, let’s do it!” Olaf said. “Yeah! It sounds so tasty and yummy!” Mandie said. “Let’s get baking!” Harper said as Northernlightstars got their ingredients. ~~~ “Okay, so, we combines everyone’s ideas into this bowl,” Frost said. “And now we put it all in the oven!” Stockign said as he put the ~35~

            • #1239788

              ~36~ stuff into the oven. “Now, WE WAIT,” Samantha said. “Nowwww, orange, strawberry, cheesecake, cherry, watermelon, vanilla, chocolate, lemon…” Puff said throwing flavors in plain cake mix. “and we are done!” Puff said throwing in at least 134 more flavorings. “Okay, now let’s put it in the oven!” Pikachu said trying to put the bowl of cake batter in the over. “Uh, uh, uh!” Sam said. “We still have to pour it in the pan. It can’t just go in the oven in bowl!” “Oh, right,” Pikachu said giving the bowl to Starlight. “What do you want ME to do with this?” Starlight asked. “We did the rest, and now you have to pour it in the pan,” Chestnut said. “Fine,” Starlight reluctantly said and handed Snowball the pan. What am I suppose to do with this?” Snowball asked looking into the pan with brown batter(You see, they put all of the food flavorings into one pan, so the color turned brown). “Aren’t you going to put it in the oven?” Starlight asked. “Hey! I want to do it!” Commander said grabbing the pan. ~36~

            • #1239790

              ~37~ Starlight gave Commander Hurricane the pan of batter and let him put it in the oven. “Hmm, I wonder how many ovens this place has,” Pikachu said. There’s one oven up here, and one oven downstairs,” Snowball said. “HOW DO YOU KNOW?” Pikachu asked. “I LIVE here. Did you forget that this is WHERE I LIVE?” Snowball said. Pikachu looked at him like he has never been inside the house before. “You do?” PIkachu asked. “YES!” Snowball said. “But I thought Mrs. Silversoft lived here,” Pikachu said. Chestnut, Sam, Commander Hurricane, Puff, and Starlight were giggling. “SHE DOES!” Snowball says. “But if she lives here, why do you live here?” Pikachu asked in question. “MRS. SILVERSOFT IS MY MOM. I LIVE WITH MY MOM AND DAD. MY MOM LIVES HERE AND I LIVE HERE WITH HER AND MY DAD!” Snowball said out of breath. “Ohhh! So where does your aunts and uncles live?” Pikachu asked. Snowball fell over with a thud. ~~~ James, Olaf, Kailie, Snowflurry, Tall Shadow, Mandie, and Harper threw in all of the…..

            • #1239792

              ~38~ ingredients for the glowing smoothie ice cream cake drops. “Okay, let’s put it in!” Kailie said putting the dessert in the oven. “How come this place only has 2 ovens?” James asked. “2 is a lot. Our house has 1 oven, sooo…” Kailie said. “Righhhht.” James said. “What are we going to do while we wait?” White asked. “Well, we could go over there and sit on those couches,” Mandie said. “Nice!” Snowflurry said as they went over to sit on those couches. As they all sat down… “These are so comfortable! I-I-I could make a poem about it!” Olaf said. “Please, no!” Tall Shadow said. ~~ “YAH-HA! I’ve got it! How about we make pepperoni pie?” Lightning said. “Hehe, not bad! That way, it could be a pie, BUT like pizza!” Emmy said. “Mmm, that sounds delicious!” Tundra said rubbing her stomach. “Ewww!” Marshmelllew said. “That does NOT sound good. I’m going to go to the team that makes yummy stuff,” Marshmelllew said hopping over to Northernlightstars’s place at the couch. ~38!

            • #1239798

              ~41~ “WHAT IS THAT!?” Mrs. Silversoft asked with big eyes. “Okay, I know you kids are still kids, er, teenagers, BUT LOOK AT THAT! It’s 4 feet tall!” Mrs. Silversoft said staring at Nighttyanelle’s dessert. “Yeah! None of us could agree on what to make, so we finally decided to put in everyone’s idea into a bowl and then put it in the ovena nd now we’re going to put it in the freezer for 15 minuets!” Samantha and Winter Sugar Cocoa said at the same side. Mrs. Silversoft just fainted. ~~~ “Okay, our pepperoni pie is done!” Annie said.(Okay, Annie is part of Moonshuka12EG13, not the other teams. I just got confused using her) “Mmm! It smells super good!” Bowser said. “Yeah, it DOES smell good!” Emmy said agreeing. “Now, let’s take it upstairs!” Bethany said taking the pepperoni pie out of the oven and taking it upstairs. “Hmm, I think ours is done!” Olaf said looking in the basement fridge. “Yeah! They are done! Let’s take it upstairs!” Olaf called out to his team. “Finally! I thought we’d never be done baking!” Snowflurry said. ~41~

            • #1239800

              ~42~ “Same here!” Harper said as she and Marshmelllew hopped off of James’s lap. “Mmm! It look yummy!” Kailie said. “Yeah!” Tall Shadow said. “Alright, now, let’s take it upstairs,” Mandie said as everyone else went upstairs. “Okay, guys, line up over there so I can taste test!” Mrs. Silversoft said to the teams. As Mrs. Silversoft took a fork and a plate and a knife to cut the desserts, she put pieces of them on her plate. She tasted the cake with all of the flavors first. “Why is it brown?” she asked. “Uhhh,” Pikachu said. “Smell it!” Starlight said. Mrs. SIlversoft smelled it with her cat nose and then took a bite out of her slice of cake. “Oh! Wooooooowwww, it’s. it’s. it’s. it’s. it tastes like NOTHING I’ve tasted before in my entire life! And ahh, that cinnamon is strong. Wait, is it lemon? Er, it tastes like cherries, not wait chocolate! Hey, is that vanilla? Oh, oranges! Yummm…no, it’s apple flavored!” Mrs. Silversoft said tasting all of the flavors at the same time. The Cooketti team was smiling at each other. ~42~

            • #1239802

              ~43~ “It’s all of the flavors in the world!” Pikachu said. “W-What?!” Mrs. Silversoft exclaimed. “Yeah! It’s a cake with all of the flavors in it! Don’t you like it?” Snowball said. “I-I-I love it! It’s very delicious!” Mrs. Silversoft said. “Okay, onto the next one!” Mrs. Silversoft said taking a piece of the “Stuff” that the Nighttyanelle’s made. She tasted it and….”IIIIII YIIIII YIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” She screamed as she swallowed it. “WHAT IS THIS?” she asked. “Oh, it’s all of the stuff that we suggested put into one bowl and went into the oven and then went into the freezer and out!” Frost said proudly. Mrs. Silversoft ducked under the table. “Hey! Aren’t you trying OUR dessert?” Lightning asked. “Do I have to?” Mrs. Silversoft said. “Well, yeah! You have to come out of there!” Emmy said. “MMM,” Mrs. Silversoft said grumbling. “I’ll take care of that!” White said jumping out of nowhere and landed by Mrs. SIlversoft who was under the table. “NO, DON’T LET HER!” Lightning, Tall Shadow, Snowball, and Winter Sugar Cocoa said together. ~43~

            • #1299026

              ~44~ “Hiya!” White said as she jumped over under the table and picked up Mrs. Silversoft and was about to throw her on her chair. ” YOUNG LADY, WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING, MISS WHITE?!” Mrs. Silversoft asked. “I’m making you sit down!” White said as she threw Mrs. Snowball on the chair. “Yaaaah!!!” Mrs. Silversoft said as she landed on the chair. “Oof” Mrs. Silversoft said. “All done!” White said proudly. “White is crazy!” Lightning said. “I thought you like female spotted cats!” Snowball said. “Noooow, Mrs. Silversoft,” Lightning said trying to change the topic because he did not want to admit that he liked female spotted cats even though White had patches of black on her, she still counted. “why don’t you try our pie!” Lightning said. “This could be a life risk,” Olaf whispered in Mrs. Silversoft’s ear. “*Gulp*” Mrs. SIlversoft gulped as she took a bit of the pizza pie filled with pepperoni. ‘EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!” she said as she spit out the pepperoni pie she had just tasted. ~44~

            • #1299036

              ~45~ “What’s wrong?” Samantha asked. “THIS IS A PIE WITH PEPPERONI FILLING. I HAAAATE PEPPERONI!!!!!!!!!” Mrs. Silversoft said. “No offence, guys,” Mrs. SIlversoft said as she looked at the Moonshuka12EG13. “WELL WHO WON?!” Pikachu asked excitedly. “Uhhhh, I guess I have to go with… COOKETTI!” Mrs. SIlversoft said. “Whoo-hoo! We did it!” SNowball said hi-fiving Pikachu and the other members of Cooketti. “Thought yours was gross, it was the only good one,” Mrs. Silversoft said. Sam made a sour face. “WHat should we do next?” Annie asked. “Hmm,” Mrs. Silversoft said looking at what time it was on her iPhone 6. “It’s…. 8:00 P.M.!!! HOW CAN THAT BE! Well, we can do some more things, but it’s almost time to go to bed,” Mrs. Silversoft said. “Bed!!!???!!!! We’re not staying here, are we?” Chestnut asked. “Well, there’s a snowstorm out there, but I don;t think you can walk home. It’s suppose to be 7 feet. So you guys’ll have to stay here for the night,” Mrs. SIlversoft said. “NNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!” ~45~

            • #1299048

              ~46~ Marshmelllew said. “I don’t wanna stay here!” “Well you’re going to have to,” Mrs. Silversoft said. “I ordered pajamas on eBird 2 seconds ago. It got here a second ago because a bird delivered through the window,” Mrs. Silversoft. “Well you better have gotten my right size! You know I’m tall,” WHite said. “I texted all of your parents to see what sizes you wear,” Mrs. Silversoft said. Everyone made a sour face. “HEY! I’VE GOT AN IDEA!” Snowflurry blurted out randomly. “Uhhh ohhh,” Lightning groaned. “WE COULD HOST A FASHION SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!” Snowflurry said happily. “WHAAAAT?!?!?!?!” Snowball yelled. “UUUUHHHH, NNOOOOO. THAT WAS A BAD IDEA!!!! PLEASE. NO. NO. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” “Come on Snowy,” WinterSC said. Snowball growled at her. “Errr, no thank you. I don’t like that kind of stuff,” Kailie said. “You’ve said it,” White said. “WHere would you get the fabric from?” Mrs. Silversoft asked. “I’ve brought some with me!!!” SNowflurry said. “Of course you did,” Lightning complained. ~46~

            • #1300504

              ~46~ “Yeah!” Snowflurry said. “OOOHH.” Samantha said. “Let’s get working!” Snowflurry said. “Oh, um. Well, I’m not good at sewing,” Mrs. Silversoft said. “HAHAHA, DAD’S BETTER AT SEWING THAN YOU ARE AND HE’S A GUY!” Snowball laughed. “Rrrrrgh,” Mrs. Silversoft said at Snowball. “It’s a bad idea that Snowball invited girly girls over,” Kailie said. “And since that HE’S a BOY and that WE’RE giiiirls,” White said. “IT WASN’T MY IDEA! DON’T BLAAAHM MAAY!” Snowball said. “It’s blame, and it’s me,” Glitzy said. “Whatever,” SNowball said back. “Sooo, TALL SHADOW, you’re helping me with the outfits!” Snowflurry said. “Wait, whaaa?” Tall Shadow said. “Yup, come on!” Snowflurry said grabbing Tall Shadow’s paw and taking her to the basement. “WAIT! I TAKE BACK WHAT I SAID! IF TALL SHADOW IS HELPING WITH THE OUTFITS, I WANNA BE A PART OF THIS!” Lightning said. “Oh please. I don’t even know WHY Snowball is friends with you. You’re so… straaange,” Mandie said. “Mandie! I’m friend with Lightning because… uhhhh…..” ~46~

            • #1300506

              ~47~ “errrr….ummm… Lightning, why are we friends?” Snowball asked. “I don’t know,” Lightning said. “SEE? EVEN LIGHTNING HIMSELF DOESN’T KNOW WHY YOU TWO ARE FRIENDS!” Mandie said. “You’re so crazy, Mandie,” Lightning said. “You can think I’m insane, but I’m not backing down again. I find myself or find my fate. Oh, oh, oh, YEEEAH! You can think I’m insane, but I’m not backing down again. I find myself or find my fate, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. Standing on the edge I claim, ‘The world will not forget my name’. ‘Cause I don’t hear you when you say oh, oh, oh. It’s a bad I… oh, oh, oh. It’s a bad idea!” Mandie said singing. “Oh come on! Save me from loosing my self, I’m hanging on by a thread, can you see who I am?” Kailie sang. “Oh, so this has turned into a musical, huh?” White asked. “Something’s got me spinnin’ round, dizzy sounds dancing around in my head! Dancing around in my head!” “Why are we singing again?” Samantha asked. “I’m not sure, but if Tall Shadow was here, we’d sing a du-” Lightning said but…

            • #1300524

              ~48~ …was interrupted by James. “Yeah, yeah. We get it. Your so in love with Tall Shadow that you want to sing with her. I don’t get it, why do you even like her? She scared of you, and she likes people who don’t come up in her face flirting.” James said. “HEY, HOW ABOUT PLAYING I SPY WITH MY LITTLE EYES WHILE WE WAIT?” Pikachu asked. “Hey, yeah! That’ll be fun!” Olaf said. “Ohhhh,” Stocking said. “I spy with my little eyes something tired, something bored, and something hungry,” Bethany said. “Ha. Ha. Very funny.” Snowball said. “No, not you. IT’S TUNDRA!” Bethany said. “Wait, what?” Tundra said. “I’m not a ‘Something’. I’m a ‘Someone’. And I’m not hungry and I’m not tired. Neither am I bored. It’s fun being here,” Tundra said. “MY TURN! I spy someone staring at Starlight!” Pikachu said. Starlight, on the other hoof, quickly looked up. “Who’s staring at me?” she asked. “Duh!” Pikachu said. Everyone looked around at everyone to see if someone was staring at Starlight. ~48~

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      • #1187413


        Hey MLP! (Sorry for the late reply, by the way!) Oh, yay, I’m really glad your story moderated this time! I’ve been excited to read it! :D I just wanted to say that I read it, and I really enjoyed it so far!! You did a really good job! And thanks so much for using James, Lightning, and Olaf…you used them really well, I would say! I especially liked the way you used Olaf…it was pretty funny how he kept talking about summer XD And that thing about the lettuce and the knots was funny XD If I remember correctly, wasn’t the knot thing in a Winnie the Pooh movie? And haha, it totally seems like Lightning would say the thing about, “Wait, when did YOU start hanging out with Kailie?” XD Anyway, thanks for sharing your story with us, MLP, and I can’t wait to read more!! :)

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        • #1187583

          I replied to this yesterday, but I guess it didn’t get moderated. Me too! And thanks! Hehe, I just HAD to have Olaf say that! Lettuce and knots..oh my! Yeah, it is. It’s that knot not knot thingy that Piglet and Rabbit go about. LOL He’s probably like, “WHen did you start hanging out with Kailie? You know she’s tough…”

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      • #1187937


        Heya, MLP! Just wanted to let ya know that I read the other parts of your story, and wow, it’s really good! :D Oh my gosh, some of the parts are just too funny X,D When Pikachu tore down Lightning’s snow sculpture…. I just found that hilarious!! And heheh, it was funny when Marshmelllew started nibbling on Lightning’s paws, too ;) Oh gosh, it was really funny when White threw Snowball at Winter Sugar Cocoa…. I guess White’s pretty strong, eh? :) Also, that think with Commander Hurricane and that blanket was hilarious… and I found it really funny when Frost was like “it’s not gonna hurt you”, but when he got the same blanket, he also freaked out, hahah XD Also, that part with Pikachu, Tall Shadow, and Starlight building the snowbunny was really cute! ^-^ I know I’ve said this before, but you use Starlighr really well!! :) In all, I enjoyed reading your story so far, MLP, and I look forward to reading the rest! ;D

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        • #1299000

          Hiiii, Taffy! Arg, sorry for the almost-3-months late reply. Thanks! Daaaaahahahahahahahaha! I didn’t exactly know what to do. Thanks to you bio of Pikachu and moonie’s bio of Lightning, I hit it off. I can see Pikachu doing karate to that snow sculpture. Arg, is it bad that I only draw Pikachu my way? As in, I don’t look at a picture of a fennec fox and only imagine it. XP LOL YES. MARSHMELLLEW NIBBLES ON LIGHTNING AND JAMES’S PAWS. LIGHTNING AND JAMES ARE CLOSE FRIENDS, SO THAT WAS PURRFECT! Yessss!!! That’s what makes Snowball scared of Winter Sugar Cocoa. LOL I should really make a picture. I have lots of pictures I drew from Snowball’s Snowy Day, Pikachu’s Backyard BBQ, and more, but yeah. My dad can’t stand it when I have him scan more than 10 pictures. XD Once I submitted over 26 pictures in one day!(For the Halloween pet contest in 2016) I didn’t really know what to have them do. I hope you didn’t mind me having Tall Shadow acting non-shy when Pikachu asked. AWWWW THANK YOU!!!! :D

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    3. #1187041

      Alrighty, dudes and dudettes, LISTEN UP! Since Christmas is coming up, I won’t skip @PrettyPikachu’s turn in Power Bunnies until AFTER Christmas. Actually, I won’t be skipping any turns until after Christmas. Since Christmas is a holiday that everypony in the USA and Canada celebrates, I have like 50% of chances that she’ll get on here and type up her reply because of Christmas break. @Emi, you said something about @Prettypikachu typing up her reply sometime in November. So, yeah. And I may or may not do Snowball’s Snowy Day Today. So, uh yeah.

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      • #1187101


        Hey, MLP! Okay, thanks for letting us know! I know it can be hard skipping over turns (especially when you don’t want to), but I understand that, for the sake of the roleplay, sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta know, if you know what I mean

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        • #1187155

          Hey, Taffy! You’re welcome! Oh, yes. Thankfully I haven’t had to skip a turn in my entire life. :P Yeah, I know what you mean. But when there’s a turn in a roleplay and it needs to be skipped and another person goes after them, I’d just let them go, and if that person who I’ve skipped can reply a few days after their turn has been skipped, I’ll let them reply. For instance: MLP, TaffyKitty12, ilovemoonie, Prettypikachu, twinners1, Itswebkinztime. *Skips Prettypikachu’s turn and twinners can take her turn* and if she can reply after twinners and Itswebkinztime can reply, then she can go. Does that make sense?

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      Hey everyone! Well, since they don’t moderate posts on the weekends, and since I’ll probably be really busy on Monday, I just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! :) I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating with friends and family in these upcoming few days! And of course, let’s not forget the true reason we celebrate…it’s because of Jesus that we have this holiday season, and He is the greatest gift we could ever receive! :) I wish you guys an amazing Christmas, and I hope you have lots of fun and get lots of great gifts, too! ;) I don’t think I’ll really be on here much these next few days, (I’m going to be very busy up until Christmas), but hopefully on Tuesday I can update you guys on some things and stuff I got for Christmas and stuff. I look forward to hearing about your Christmases, too! :) Anyway, that’s all I wanted to say, and have an amazing and blessed holiday, my friends!! :D

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      • #1187058

        Hey, @Mooners! Merry Christmas to you too, moonie! Thanks! I hope you have a nice day celebrating with your family!!! Yes, Jesus is the greatest gift we could ever imagine! He is the reason why we celebrate, and He is the reason why we give and get presents so we’re reminded of him. Aww, well, I hope you have fun being busy with Christmas stuff! Alrighty, for Taffy, I said Pikachu-Joseph Tall Shadow-Mary and Nikko-Baby Jesus. But for you, it could be like Bucky-Joseph Delilah-Mary and umm,Olaf-Baby Jesus???? Idk. And God Bless!!

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          Hiya, ilovemoonie! Aw, thanks! Merry *early* Christmas to you as well! ;D I hope you have a great time celebrating with your family! ^-^ And of course! As I like to say, Jesus is the reason for the season, right? ;) Thank you! I hope you do, too! (Also, that’s totally fine! I probably won’t be on a whole lot these next few days myself…. I have to do schoolwork tomorrow (I actually have to do schoolwork at least 1 or 2 hours a day over break… not on Christmas or Christmas Eve, though, of course), and will probably be too busy on Sunday and Monday to come on for awhile. So again, I completely understand! The days leading up to Christmas (and Christmas itself) can certainly be busy!) And cool! I look forward to seeing your update! ;) A little unrelated, but outta curiousity, since you might be posting yours on Tuesday, would you like me to hold off posting mine until Wednesday? (I don’t want mine to interfere with yours, and I totally don’t mind….

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            … waiting the extra day! (Gives me an extra day to come up with names for any Webkinz that I get, hahah)) Anywho, thank you again, ilovemoonie, and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, too, my friend!! ;) I hope you have a fun one!! :D (and I hope you get a lot of presents that ya want!)

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      • #1187098

        Hey, moonie! Ah, thank you, I hope you have an awesome Christmas as well! Yep! Christ is the best gift we’ll ever get, no matter how amazing a Signature Timber Wolf and Golden Retriver would be. XD Be sure to let us know what you get! I hope you get some cool Webkinz! ^-^ Thanks again, moonie. Merry Christmas!

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    5. #1186913

      Hey, guys! I hope you don’t mind me posting this, but I thought I would just update everyone on what roleplays they need to reply to. This is for all of the “active” roleplays that I’m in (I don’t have other roleplays bookmarked =P) …
      Taffy’s Superkinz Roleplay: emi (wait, it’s my turn?! O_o Sorry about that, Taffy! I’ll reply to it soon! It’ll be Taffy’s turn after I reply.)
      MLP’s Campkinz Roleplay: FoxesRule’s turn
      Lucky’s Costume Party Roleplay: RosyFox or Lucky’s turn
      Taffy’s Adventure Roleplay: ilovemoonie’s turn
      Taffy’s Backyard Barbecue Disaster Roleplay: Lucky’s turn

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      • #1186941


        Hiya, emi! (Nah, it’s fine! I don’t mind!) Ah, thanks so much for the update, emi! :) I really appreciate it!! Oh gosh, I had no idea that it wasn’t your turn in the Superkinz roleplay! Ah… now I feel kinda stupid, because I just asked Lucky the other day when he was going to reply XP Silly me, I know I shouldn’t always trust what the tags say… it’s more accurate looking at the roleplay page. But nah, it’s fine, emi! I had no idea myself, so please don’t stress yourself out about replying to it right away! (The rules are suspended until the 9th, anyways, so whenever ya get to it is fine!) (just a little sidenote, though… I think it’s ilovemoonie’s turn in the Backyard Babecue one… Lucky was supposed to go after me (I went last), but when I reminded him a few months ago, he said to skip over his turn and let moonie go next… but that’s okay! I never gave an update regarding that change… again, silly me >.< ) Anywho, thanks so much again, emi!!! This was really helpful!! ^-^ :D

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        • #1187015


          Oh oops, I meant to say “I had no idea that it was your turn”, not “I had no idea that it wasn’t your turn”…. sorry about that! XP Goofy autocorrect

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          • #1187097

            No problem! Ah, no, it’s not your fault, it’s way to just rely on the tags. I was doing the same thing. But actually, I don’t know if it is or not..? It appears that Lucky posted part of his reply, but not quite all of it.. =/ But I think I may reply anyway, though, since none of his characters had interacted with mine anyway. Ohh, okay! Whoops. Sorry, I just checked the page and so went by the turns. I didn’t know anyone was skipped. But that’s fine, as long as you guys know! Glad to be of help! (Haha, that’s okay lol. If I allowed autocorrect to have its way, you would see all kinds of weird and random things in my comments too. XD)

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            • #1187111


              Thanks again! Also, thanks for understanding… it can be too easy to forget to check the roleplay page and just go with what the tags say. (I probably should start checking those pages again soon, since not everyone always changes the tags when they’re finished) Hm, you know… you might be right… it does kinda look like his reply is half finished (I noticed the “…”, at the end, which I think is usually an indication that there’s something more to be said, or maybe he just used it for emphasis or somethin’) Either way, though, it’s totally fine if you reply… actually, I think it be better if you go ahead and respond. Afterwards, I can give Lucky maybe a week to see if he adds anything else, but if not, I’ll go take my turn and if he indeed planned on adding something else, he can just post it in-between turns, or on his next turn? (If that makes sense) Also, it’s okay, emi! Like I said, I never…

            • #1187112


              … have an update on that (nor did I post something on the roleplay page that said “hey, I’m gonna be skipping Lucky’s turn because (his reason)), so it’s fine! I really shoulda told you guys, but I guess it just slipped my mind XP Thanks again! This update was really helpful! ;) (and haha, thanks XD Sometimes, I really feel like disabling autocorrect because it can be a downright pain… although, I guess some of the mistakes that come out of it are pretty hilarious (such as the famous “detective enchilada”))

      • #1187009


        OY sorry I’ll reply as soon as I catch up on a few thingies in schoolwork XP I’m almost caught up

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        • #1187096

          Okay, that’s fine! I don’t mean to pressure ya or anything. I’m glad you’ve almost caught up with your work though! That’s great!

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      • #1187010


        Hey emi! (It’s all right, I don’t mind!) Ooh, cool, thanks for this update! It was very useful, since sometimes I forget whose turn it is in what. :P But wait, wasn’t it still Lucky’s turn in the Superkinz Roleplay? I remember awhile back he said he was like halfway done with his reply, because I know he posted two comments but I don’t think he ever finished? I don’t really know, though. Also, like TaffyKitty said, I think it might be my turn in Pikachu’s Backyard Barbecue, but I don’t think anyone ever changed the tags. Anyway, I’ll try to reply to the roleplays that it’s my turn in soon, but unfortunately I probably won’t be able to get to them until after Christmas, since I’m going to be super busy these next few days. Thanks again for this update, though! It was quite helpful! :)

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        • #1187093

          (Okay, cool haha) No problem! I hope this helps some people reply and stuff. =P Hmm… you maight be right! It does sorta seem like he was going to say something else.. I dunno. But I do feel like for everyone’s sake, I should probably just go ahead and reply so Lucky doesn’t have something else to reply to and we can continue the roleplay. Ooh, really? Okay. I just looked at the order of turns for the roleplay and who would’ve been next, so that makes sense that I got it wrong if someone’s turn was skipped. Okay, that’s fine! You can just totally ignore this until after Christmas if you want, heheh. I’m glad it helped ya!

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      • #1187022

        Hey emi! LOL I really didn’t mind you posting that. I was actually glad you posted that! Haha, I laughed out loud when I saw Taffy’s Superkinz Roleplay and that it was your turn. Thanks for the updates, by the waaay!

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        • #1187090

          Hahah, yeah, it kinda made me laugh too. ;P I’m glad you didn’t mind!

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          • #1187156

            LOL xD next thing you know, I’ll be doing it. Yeah, I didn’t mind you posting it. Oh, and I’ll reply to our conversations on page 140 and 139 after I submit this comment. ;)

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