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    Zodiac Air shoes, pants, shirt and hat
    Zodiac Earth shirt, hat, pants and shoes
    Road trip yellow shirt and hat
    Road trip red shirt and hat
    Good to be the king dress
    Springtime laced heels
    Springtime Cardigan
    Springtime leather skirt
    Girl cave explorer top, skirt and hat
    Team lug shirt
    Team Sera shirt
    Turquoise ruffled skirt, turquoise hoodie and turquoise flats
    Turquoise one piece summer shorts
    Cloud tuxedo jacket
    Magnolia tree
    Green stage light x2
    Vases of pink petunia’s x3
    Pretty pink roses x3
    Glowing lamp x2
    Blooming coffee table x6
    Nafaria potted vine x2
    Nafaria House candelabra x5
    Alyssa House candelabra x5
    Nafaria plush x5
    Touring van x2
    2011 touring van
    2012 touring van x3
    Tangerine chair
    Blue striped chair x4
    Rose Zircon birthstone gem lamp
    Garnet birthstone gem lamp
    Amethyst birthstone gem lamp
    Aquamarine birthstone gem lamp
    Diamond birthstone gem lamp
    Sapphire birthstone gem lamp
    May birthstone gem lamp
    Alexandrite birthstone gem lamp
    PJ Collie framed poster
    Lavender love letters
    Nibbles Camcorder
    Alex ‘Kinz plushie
    Cowabelle ‘Kinz plushie
    Roberta ‘Kinz plushie
    Nibbles ‘Kinz plushie
    Cancer Symbol wall decoration
    Gemeni Symbol wall decoration
    Rainbow fountain of wow
    Watermelon hat
    Watermelon skirt
    Summer rose leggings
    Nutcracker prince jacket
    Googly Eyeglasses
    Forest Archer dress
    Wildflower Headdress
    Wizard school professor’s robe
    Queen of hearts gown
    Patriotic Tuxedo Jacket
    Once this posts the second half of my trade list will come :) LT

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      Hay Tyler, If I find a Lurking Lagoon without trading the Stella Starry Blaster for it I will Trade it for the Rainbow Fountain of Wow (if you still have it) and if not it’s okay and quick question do you have a Eat Me Cake Table from the Wonderland Theme? It’s the last item i need from that theme. Just let me know and See you around W.W.

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      Ok so now I am really confused again on forums (big surprise haha) so idk if you need the fridge or not or where my note went. The first time I hit this forum there were no posts, went out and back in and there were four pages rofl. Soooooo I will just see you in CH and we can figure out- bye crissy135 #solvetheneontutu

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        Ya don’t worry about it things always get confusing on these forums. I would love the fridge! That’s very kind of ya Cutie! See you around W.W. Lamb

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      It turns out I had a lot mixed up. XD I thought the Mermaid Bobblehead was some mix of my Fish King Bobblehead and my Framed Photo of Sera (both stuff from a Valentine’s AP quest). I thought the Plush Besties were the Newz version. Sorry about that. I do have the Holly Jolly Sweater, however. I also have some other miscellaneous stuff like a GanzParents Mother’s Day Potted Tiger Lily from last year, a Nakamas promo wreath from last year, an Elf Patrol Communicator (and things of that sort from a christmas movie promo last year), a Holiday Hamster Snow Globe (christmas gift last year), a limited time Magnificent Menorah from the W-shop last year, LOTS of gem lamps, Mazin Hamster stuff/prizes, a Spirit Squad PSI uniform, Sham-Rockin Shirt, Panda T-shirt, Santakinz Helperette Skirt, Green Cat Hat Ear Toque (Newz), Holiday House Coat (Holiday Item), Alien Mask (Halloween Gift), Blue Vogue Vampire Top and Belt and Pants, Charmed Mushroom Hat, Nakamas Shirt (clubhouse), Rock Star Big Black Boots, Blue Treble Clef Glasses (Newz.) I have lots of weird stuff. XD LMK if you like any of it.

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        :) If you actually would like a few items from the list (that I’m trying to post and hoping will post), I’d really like the Queen of Hearts Gown if still available. I did not see your newer trade list, so I’m sorry about that.

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          So I need holly jolly sweater still. I can do it for the queen of hearts gown if you want? My username is Bubblon, you can add me. Thanks, Lamb

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            Sure. Thanks so much! I’ll add you right now. My UN is the same as here. I’m assuming that we’re sending? Thanks much again, Cutie

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      I may have the Mermaid Bobble Head, maybe Plush Besties, but definitely the Holly Jolly sweater. LOL Lots of maybe’s there. I was wondering if you’d trade a piece of Deluxe clothing for it all? I’ll check if I have the items in a bit.

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        Ya I probably would! I will check the values and you can pick a piece of deluxe you might want for your items (if you have them). LOL. Anyways, I just put up a newer trade list, so if you want to look for a piece of deluxe clothing there, that would be better. Thanks, Lamb

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