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    Zodiac Air shoes, pants, shirt and hat
    Zodiac Earth shirt, hat, pants and shoes
    Road trip yellow shirt and hat
    Road trip red shirt and hat
    Good to be the king dress
    Springtime laced heels
    Springtime Cardigan
    Springtime leather skirt
    Girl cave explorer top, skirt and hat
    Team lug shirt
    Team Sera shirt
    Turquoise ruffled skirt, turquoise hoodie and turquoise flats
    Turquoise one piece summer shorts
    Cloud tuxedo jacket
    Magnolia tree
    Green stage light x2
    Vases of pink petunia’s x3
    Pretty pink roses x3
    Glowing lamp x2
    Blooming coffee table x6
    Nafaria potted vine x2
    Nafaria House candelabra x5
    Alyssa House candelabra x5
    Nafaria plush x5
    Touring van x2
    2011 touring van
    2012 touring van x3
    Tangerine chair
    Blue striped chair x4
    Rose Zircon birthstone gem lamp
    Garnet birthstone gem lamp
    Amethyst birthstone gem lamp
    Aquamarine birthstone gem lamp
    Diamond birthstone gem lamp
    Sapphire birthstone gem lamp
    May birthstone gem lamp
    Alexandrite birthstone gem lamp
    PJ Collie framed poster
    Lavender love letters
    Nibbles Camcorder
    Alex ‘Kinz plushie
    Cowabelle ‘Kinz plushie
    Roberta ‘Kinz plushie
    Nibbles ‘Kinz plushie
    Cancer Symbol wall decoration
    Gemeni Symbol wall decoration
    Rainbow fountain of wow
    Watermelon hat
    Watermelon skirt
    Summer rose leggings
    Nutcracker prince jacket
    Googly Eyeglasses
    Forest Archer dress
    Wildflower Headdress
    Wizard school professor’s robe
    Queen of hearts gown
    Patriotic Tuxedo Jacket
    Once this posts the second half of my trade list will come :) LT

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      Hey Lamb! I was wondering if I could trade you the DJ Headphones I promised you for your Rose Zircon or Garnet Lamp? I did promise you it to you as a gift, of course, and so, I don’t mind if you cannot send the lamps. Hope you enjoy the headphones, and thanks for being patient with my replies! –Maddie

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        Hey Maddie! I got this after I received the headphones, but sure I will send the lamps over, it the least I can do from you sending DJ! And your welcome! Hope we can trade again. I think I have some things off tour wish list! Lamb

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          Oh Maddie I checked and I actually don’t have any rose zircon lamps left. I will send the garnet one though. I hope that’s ok. Lamb

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            Never mind, I found one. I really am confused. LOL. Lamb

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        Wow! Thanks so much for the lamps Lamb! I really appreciate them, because my friend Mel needed them for her collection, and I think these ones finished it off. Thanks again, and enjoy your day! –Maddie

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      Hi Tyler mark. here, Okay I have the Magic 9 ball (POTM) and I’ll trade it for the Donuts Seeds (POTM) Just let me know and remember my username is markg97. See you around W.W.

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        Hi Mark! I would love to trade the seeds for the nine ball. I would like to do it by kinz post if you don’t mind, its easier that way. I will send the seeds and when you get them send the nine ball back. Thanks and see you around webkinz world! LT

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          Okay, I have no problem doing it via KinzPost. I’ll be waiting for the Gift to appear. See you around W.W.

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            Yes thanks for the trade! I like the nine ball but its soo tiny lol it made me laugh. But thanks! Lamb

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          Hay Tyler, I got the Donut Seeds and I sent you the Magic 9 Ball hope you enjoy it, and let me know what you want for the other POTM okay. See you around W.W.

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      Hi! You asked me to look at your list – I’m the one who had the gift boxes listed, but could not trade them?! I would be interested in the nutcracker prince jacket. I have a lot of things but I don’t know what you are looking for. I will send you a friend request and then we can chat about it.

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        Ok! I have to lists on the front so if you had anything from those I could probably trade it for the jacket depending on the values. But to make it simpler if you had any of deluxe clothes I need that would be the easiest thing to trade it for. Let me know! Thanks, LT

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      As you know, I sent you a friend request, but I’m still not sure if I want to trade, so give me some time to think about it.

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        Ya that’s fine. I can send you the starlight head wreath for free though because I have more than one. Whenever you are ready let me know if you would like to trade the lizard for the forest archer dress. I could also throw in the stone speedster if you would want. But sure you can thing about it. Thanks, LT

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          I don’t know what lizard you’re talking about…

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            Hi I was talking to dinosaur tracker about the lizard! But you can look over my lists on the first page and see if there is anything you like. LT

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      The items you have that I am interested in are the Starlight Head Wreath, Wildflower Headress, Forest Archer Dress, Stone Speedster, Desert Window, and Rainbow Fountain of WOW. Which of these items will you trade me for the lizard and which will I have to give you a bigger item for?

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        Ok for the lizard I could give you the starlight head wreath and the Forest archer dress. That way the values are approximately the same. For the other items I wouldn’t necessarily need bigger but maybe something of the same type. So like deluxe clothes for deluxe clothes, promo for promo and so on. I can make exceptions though if you maybe don’t have any of the rares I need or something. Add me, I am Bobblon. Thanks, LT

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