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    Here is a list of stuff that i would really like. PSI: 1. Rapid Rescue Fire Truck ( Dalmation) 2. Northern Nights Bed ( Regular Husky) 3. Arctic Window ( Polar Bear) Clothing 1. Camo Tank Top 2. Leapard tank 3. Pop Rock Princess hat 4. Pop Rock Princess skirt 5. Sailor Tunic 6. Springtime Shoes 7.Webkinz Pet Coat ( The Blue One ) 8. Summer Time Skirt 9. Sunny summer Hat All of the clothing can be found at the KinzStyle Shop right now. Here is a list of stuff i have Clothing: 1. Glass slippers 2. Magic W Face Sticker 3. Charmed Boots 4. Charmed Mushroom Hat 5. Clown Costume ( Including Shoes and Nose ) 6.Green Popstar Dress 7. Balloon Darts Zip-up Hoody 8. Sunny day Swimsuit ( From Vacation Island ) 9. Bee Pants 10. Bee Shoes 11. Fall Zip Polo 12. Straw Skirt ( From Vacation Island ) 13. Sunshine hat ( From Vacation Island ) 14. FishHook Hat ( From Vacation Island ) That is all that i know of right now. i will let you know if i need anything else or if i get in anything else. ~Texas Girl

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      I have camp tank top I can send it to my account from my backup. I want charmed mushroom hat my user is GoodLuckCharlie90 in trade room i am a pretty kitty named Sniffle. Is charm mushroom hat for camo tank top will u do that? ~Sniffle~

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      i think i have an extra summertime skirt and pop princess hat ill check and if i have them ill send them :)

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      oh! well um actually i don’t mind having two of them. is there something on the list that interests you???

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      I have a arctic window what do yoo want to trade for it ?!?!?

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      I do not need the arctic window! sorry! um i also would like estore points too. ~Texas Girl

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        husky bed + leopard tank + camo tank! I want clown stuff (nose and wig!) Estore points aren’t trade or sellable. sorry! oops nor mail!

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        yeah would love to help

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