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    I am getting her in a few weeks, So before that, I am trying to look for a name that will suit her. Be creative! XD –мʀṩмἷᾗἔƈʀᾄғҭἷᾄᾗ ♕

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      Hmm, i like Glitts, much decision XD

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        Lol Thanks! MY favorite is Crystal. Did you pick out a name yet? -hklover628

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      Lol I’m glad you like it! My favorite is Mischievia, which I would probably name a raccoon if I got one.

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      Crystal, Lilac, Glitts, Glitter, Ninjoy (got from papa’s games), Zinnia, Whisteria, Phoebe…. well hope this helps! -hklover628

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      Hmmm, I like the name masquerade. XD this is going to be a hard decision.

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      Ok, so, this is what I’ve got. There are all kinds of flower names that are purple, but that’s not very creative, is it? I came up with these: Mischievia (like mischievous, but more feminine), Anillos (Spanish for rings, and I think it’s pronounced an-ee-ohs but I’m not sure), Masquerade, Nosey, Curious. And I must give credit to search engines for finding Wisteria and Lilia. Hope I helped!

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