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    Hey everyone I was in the kinz chat plus club house one day and I was thinking that we should have more rooms to choose from! Like a star trek room or lord of the rings room themes! And I think thoses are great ideas but we need more ideas for this to work WHO’S WITH ME?????????????!!!!!!!!

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      What’s the difference between regular KinChat and KinzChat plus?

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        Kinz chat has a super filtered chat and kinzchat plus has a more open chat hope I helped u understand more bye

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        In regular kinzchat you can only choose from messages.In kinzchat PLUS you can type messages.Bad things can’t get through and you can report people.If you bully or say something inappropriate,you get ban.Hope this helps!

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      I think all those ideas are awesome! And I think I would like to see a house themed room as well it seems like it could be awesome! And a beach room would be awesome with real working water!! Keep the comments coming we can make this work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      I think a spring themed room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      I really love playing pretend in the club house and I used the girl rule room to play it in but I think a House room would be great!

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      I’ve always wanted to see a camping inspired room or maybe a ski resort. Fun little rooms like that. It would also be cool if there was an amusement park or even a carnival! I still think there should be rooms for each holiday, like the Santa Kinz room. There could be a Halloween party room, an April Fool’s party room, and the likes.

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