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    Hey everyone I was in the kinz chat plus club house one day and I was thinking that we should have more rooms to choose from! Like a star trek room or lord of the rings room themes! And I think thoses are great ideas but we need more ideas for this to work WHO’S WITH ME?????????????!!!!!!!!

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      Hope GANZ brings other rooms back I miss them I was so upset when it was just going to be a trading room I want other rooms back plz ganz plz

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      It would be cool to have a theater room! It’d be similar in concept to the outdoor theater in the Kinzville Park, but the whole room would be devoted to the “performance” that the users create! It would be a Roleplaying Room, so that if it were to be introduced in the KinzChat Clubhouse, users could have a menu of phrases for the room (“Places, everyone!”, “Cut!”, maybe throw in a quick Shakespeare reference like that well-known line from Hamlet, “To be, or not to be? That is the question”).

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      I agree. Those themes would be amasing but then they would have to make items for that. If they do that I would love to be able to get those in maby the W-Shop of the Curio Shop. The Lord of the Rings one would be hard to do right and there might be some copy right problems the same problems exsist with the star trek theme. They do already have a Si-Fi outer space theme alredy that can be gotten at the Curio Shop. That gives me an idea what if they made a club house for every rare theme? What about the retiered themes? maby not all but at lest some of them. that would help me know if I have all of the pieces or which ones I still need.

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        lynngun: Oh good idea I would like to know what I still need myself! And everybody is saying stuff about the copyright etc. But what if GANZ made there own take off on it. A like change little things up on it so I would not be copyrighted and call it something like web trek. Although they do have a Si Fi type in the curio shop it would be nice to change it up sometimes cause Im sure we all get bored with the w shop things and kinz style outlet things as well so they shoud have a bigger range of rooms bye

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      I have a lot of ideas. There was one forum about a gymnastics room theme and that could be used as a clubhouse room. A dance room with ballet barres, music playing, chairs for observing (I love dance btw). Maybe a movie theatre with a concession stand, a house themed room for roleplaying, an amusement park with roller coasters and rides, a water park with pools and water slides, a grocery store, a clothes store, a garden themed room, a beach with a real ocean, an actual mall with escalators that can take you ride to the next level and interactive stores, an art studio, the list goes on and on. They also need to bring back the old rooms and have pages of rooms instead of like 10. Also, they need to let you pick your own room instead of sending you to a random room, that way you will know how many peeps there are in each room. – HKSdancemomsfan10 :)

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        HKSdancemomsfan10:Yeah that sounds AWESOME I love all the ideas! My favorites are Gymnastics room Dance room and the Beach room I also love the House idea maybe GANZ will listen to us and make it happen probably not but we can hope for it! Like some of us did with the Ballet puppy! PS I love dance and gymnastics too!!! and I LOVE DANCE MOMS my favorites are Chloe maddie and when asia and shophia come on! thank you for all your comment of so many different ideas! bye

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      I agree, I would love to see a Lord Of the Rings one. Unfortunately I don’t think it could happen, those movies are P-G13 and I think that would make it easier for them to get sued, (I wouldn’t sue them, but parents of players who are too young might) but, do you have any ideas of a Lord of the Rings themed room so I can make one for my koala, Gimli? items from the e-store might be useful, but I only have 2500 points so far. anyways, those are great ideas and I’d love it. ( just saw the new hobbit movie today, loved it except for the cliff hanging ending, though I think I can guess what happens next because I read the book)

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        Yeah true about P_G 13! And try using some medevil items like maybe the tables and the trunk and the walls and floors try that theam and I will check webkinz estore for more ideas hope these get you started bye

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          thanks for the ideas! Trust me, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a Lord of the Rings room, so don’t take my other comment about the PG13 stuff offend you sorry if it did, it is a brilliant idea. thanks so much for the ideas, my room is getting pretty good! (I have the pickaxe from adventure park in there by his bed hehe) also could you tell if you have ideas for an Elvish room for my new pet, a poofy poodle named Arwen? (not signed in yet, waiting for idea for a room for her first) I haven’t seen star trek, I’m hoping my parents will let me soon (younger sibling, 4 of them, make it hard to watch PG13 movies in my house) :) :D ;) :P

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            JesusismyLord830: Hi yeah I know what you meen I don’t have any brothers or sisters. But I have had younger friends over who are not aloud to watch PG_13 movies. That I have wanted my friends to see so I totally know what you meen!:P Anyway to the d├ęcor! I don’t quite know what you meen do you meen Elvis ish? room or something like that. Maybe if you give me an idea of what exactly you want I could help you. So sorry I could not help you right off the bat:( But hopfully I can help you soon!! And you are welcome!:) And none taken about the PG_13 stuff hope I can help you soon bye roseycheeks2002:):P:D

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