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    Hi! I’m Ocarinaoftime. I know this isn’t original, but these naming contests are fun, so I decided to create one! I’m sure you are all familiar with how these contests work. But if you don’t, here’s how; I’ll say a pet, and you’ll give me 5 names for the pet. I’ll chose my 3 favorite names, and there you have it! That’s how this whole thing works. The pet this week is… The Alley Cat! So good luck and happy naming! ~Ocarinaoftime ♥

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      Ginger, Alaina, Tiger, Robert, Callihan. Just thought of those randomly.

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      Stripes,Allie,Sally,Callie and Bruce.

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      Hi Ocarina! I like your name! here are my alley cat names: Ally, Addie, Abby, Lizzie, Sally. (these could be spelled with ie, i, or y )

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      Hi :) I haven’t done these in FOREVER so im just warming up ;) ~Ginger ~Rusty ~Amber ~Puss In Boots (from the movie Shrek) ~Cinnamon ~O’Malley (from the movie Aristocats LOVE THAT MOVIE) ~Vixen Im sorry that was more than 5 but I couldn’t help it…. Good luck to all! ☀☻♥♫→Olivia ❤

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      Hi OCarinaoftime!!! It has been a long time since we talked on here! How have you been? Please check out my 17 forums. Ok on to naming your Alley Cat. 1. Sripey 2. Albert 3. Ally 4. Pumpkin 5. Honey Peace be with you always OCarianaoftime! -Atom :) :)

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