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    Hi! I’m Ocarinaoftime. I know this isn’t original, but these naming contests are fun, so I decided to create one! I’m sure you are all familiar with how these contests work. But if you don’t, here’s how; I’ll say a pet, and you’ll give me 5 names for the pet. I’ll chose my 3 favorite names, and there you have it! That’s how this whole thing works. The pet this week is… The Alley Cat! So good luck and happy naming! ~Ocarinaoftime ♥

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      pumpkin spice, katy perry, orange, stripers, and Halloween thx for putting this out

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      How about Glacier, Blizzard, Artic, Polar, or Chilly, maybe Chilli? I hope I get the POTM!! Peace-Atom

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      Sorry, I haven’t posted sooner, I kinda forgot about this. Anyway, here are results. 3. Amber (by obrew1) 2. Ginger (by almost everybody) 1. Bruce (by goldbybrittnicoll) I couldn’t really decide on what names to put in the top 3 but I did… Anyway, the next pet is the Arctic Polar Bear. It’s the POTM isn’t it? Happy naming ~OOT

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      D.C ( from the original version of the movie That Darn Cat!.) Anne ( also spelled Annie) Ginger ( a minor cat character in The Last Battle) Jeannie ( the main girl in the tv show I Dream of Jeannie) and Mark ( charecter name from the tv show The Rifleman) well there u go! ~ Horses, Dogs, And Dolphins!!!! ~ Mr.ED, Rin-Tin-Tin, And Flipper!!!!!!

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