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    do your webkinz pets have a background for thier name? example: my webkinz Shanzuer is named after one of the guys in the music group Celtic Thunder. OCarinaooftime, i hope you didn’t consider this coping your forum Usename History which is where i got this idea. ~Texas Girl And Thunderhead Forever!

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      Oh wait I have other backstories. I have a husky named Nim, from Nim’s Island, which was my favorite movie at the time. I have a dolphin named Winter after Winter the dolphin from Dolphin Tale, I have a collie named Sandy after the dog Sandy from Annie, and I think that’s it

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      I don’t think you’re copying! Um, my first Webkinz, an Ally Cat, is named Monarch because it reminded me of a Monarch butterfly. I was like, six then. I have a Yorkie named Tiana from Princess and the Frog. My sister got a bullfrog and named it Naveen, also from The Princess and the Frog. I have a black lab named Lucy after Lucy Pevensie from The Chronicles of Narnia… (I LOVE those books and the movies.) Um, the last one that has a back-story is probably my caterpillar named Rocky, after my grandparent’s dog. I have no idea why I named a caterpillar after a dog, but that was a long time ago. I have 21 Webkinz, I used to have like, 60, but I gave the rest away. ~OOT

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      Hi! My webkinz pets I usually just come up with names randomly kinda, my Rockerz cats name is Avery after Avery who is a character in a tv show called dog with a blog that I like :) lol I like it as much as good luck Charlie :). My free cat that I got because when I first started I was a free member then put like ten pets on it so its was regular, anyways my free cats name is Harmony after my real kitty’s name ;P. my siggie Bengal kitty is named Trinity because in a movie I was watching a dog was named Charity and it goes with Trinity lol but I never got a chance to name a pet Charity lol. My gold retrievers name is Shae. It’s kind of a lame way of how I got the name but a dog in the clubhouse name was Shay and I thought it sounded cute so I tried spelling it Shae. My pretty kitty’s name is Sniffle. There’s not really a story to the name, I went to the mall and bought a pretty kitty, then I was in a clothing store at the mall thinking of names, and I thought Sniffle sounded cute and unique, I like unique pet names, because there original. My silversoft cat is new I got it two days ago :D. My silversoft cats name is Meowing, because cats meow. Lol. My texting puppy’s name is Cassidy because once again a dog in clubhouses name was Casey and then I thought of Cassidy. My fennec fox and lil Linz horse I got,on the same day, I named my fox Gabbi simply because it sounds cute, and the funny thing is I asked my parents what to name my horse and then my dad randomly said StarBurst and that became her name :/. XD. M Himalayan cats name is Tessie, if you ever saw the movie or play Annie, about orphans, well my theater camp did it and I got the part of Tessie. :) when I was buying Tessie I saw Mazin hamsters and they were peace sings on them so I named mine Hope. Those are my pets goodbye :) ;) :/ ;/ :**( lol I was making random faces lol

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      In warriors I like YellowPaw, hollyLeaf, and BrightFlower :P

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      Hey stealth storm lol I love the warriors kitties too, I like YellowPaw. Lol I am only like not even halfway thru of my first warriors book xD. I have a Bengal kitty too her name is Trinity. I named her Trinity because in the movie SantaPaws or something one of the dogs names is Charity and Trinity kind of goes good with Charity and I decided Trinity sounds better :)

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