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    PSF’s I am still looking for:
    Algae alfajore (clown fish)
    Arctic cod cakes (narwhal)
    Chilled shrimp cocktail (chillin’ sea lion)
    Chinook salmon stew (orca whale)
    Chocolate chip seafood dip (spotted seal)
    Cosmic coral kabob (pisces fish)
    Crispy kelp salad (pink glitter fish)
    Daphnia dafina (fantail goldfish)
    Flounder quarter pounder (signature harp seal)
    Frosty sardine sandwich (chillaxin’ penguin)
    Stuffed caterpillar calamarata (chickadee)
    Hot fish soup (ice penguin)
    Jelly guppies (licorice fish)
    Luscious lip loaf (pucker fish)
    Mackerel macaroni (seaspray dolphin)
    Moon cake (cancer crab)
    Mosquito burrito (betta fish)
    Peanut butter and jellyfish sandwich (spotted turtle)
    Precious pearl cupcake (seafoam sparkle dolphin)
    Rainbow meringues (lollipop snail)
    Friendship fortune cookies (lovely panda)
    Whimsical wontons (luck dragon)
    Shamrock smoothie (lucky dino)
    Nighttime nibbles (midnight owl)
    Mistletoe cookie dough ice cream (minty moose)
    Jeweled eggs benedict (opal owl)
    Flying berry flan (oriole)
    Salt water slushy (baby penguin)
    Seaweed sauté (spotted sea monster)
    Seedy seaside smoothie (blossom fish)
    Skillfully skewered shrimp (swordfish)
    Spicy seaweed salsa (surfin’ turtle)
    Bubbly gumbo (bubblegumasaurus)
    Fantastic Jurassic smoothie (spotty dinosaur)
    Frosted fossil flakes (prehistoric mammoth)
    Giant jawbreaker (t-rex)
    Goofy grapefruit gelato (dodo bird)
    Prehistoric pizza (diggity dino)
    Pterodactyl Ptoast (pterodactyl)
    Candy clovers (shamrock dragon)
    Citrus sherbet sorbet (citrus dragon)
    Classy crème brulee (glitzy dragon)
    Crunchy bark bites (sleepy woodland dragon)
    Friendly dragonfruit soarbet (friendly dragon)
    Whimsical wontons (luck dragon)
    Zen dragonfruit soarbet (zen dragon)
    I will be adding more lists as I collect. Thanks for any and all help. I will make a list of PSF’s I have after Christmas. This way I get all the pets we will be getting on Christmas too.

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      Here is a new list. I have the orginal list pretty much filled. Thanks to those who sent! ~MORHB~ CharmingCaviar – Lady Ostrich
      Doodle Noodles – Blufadoodle
      Flan Flambe – Sequin Peacock
      Flower Petal Porridge – Pretty Peacock
      Frozen Fruit Cocktail – Ice Swan
      Goofy Grapefruit Gelato – Dodo Bird
      Minnow Meat Pies – Pinktastic Peacock
      Octopot Pie – Rockhopper Penguin
      Peckish Pink Icy – Pink Cockatoo
      Rocky Rodent Mice Cream – Barred Owl
      Seared Seed Buns – Fire Songbird
      Seared Seed Sautee – Silk Sparrow
      Sing Along Snacks – Fabled Goose
      Soaring Sizzling Scallops – Golden Eagle
      Sweet Parakeet Frites – Parakeet
      Swordfish and Chips – Pirate Parrot
      Warm Storm Chowder – Thunderbird
      Well Balanced Breakfast – Libra Eagle
      Coiled Curly Fries – Rainforest Boa
      Creme de Cricket – Glamour Gecko
      Hard Candy Cone Rock – Candy Croc
      Leaf and Locust Linguine – Chameleon
      Lotus Bloom Tea – Flower Frog
      Milky Way Milkshake – Scorpio Snake
      Mosquito Burrito – Betta Fish
      Peanut Butter and Jellyfish Sandwich – Spotted Turtle
      Polka Dot Cream Puffs – Pom Pom Dino
      Sprinkles and Cream Waffles – Ice Cream Scoop Snail
      Twinkling Tiramisu – Shimmer Snake
      Waxworm Wontons – Rainforest Frog
      Acacia Lea fLasagna – Endangered Dama Gazelle
      Apple Blossom Tarts – Purple Floral Fawn
      Buck Potluck – Deer
      Bullseye Meat Pie – Sagittarius Buck
      Caramelted ApplePie – Caramel Apple Camel
      Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake – Pink Zebra
      Desert Dessert – Sig. Wild Bactrian Camel
      Frosted Ice Cakes – Ice Fawn
      Grazing Gazpacho – South African Springbok (Antelope)
      MapleSyrupBrownie – Sig. Moose
      Neem Nog – Camel
      Prairie Grass Pudding – Northern Trails Buffalo
      Rocky Mountain Sundae – Mountain Goat
      Triple Truffle Tartufo – Okapi

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        I have already gotten the Desert Dessert – Sig. Wild Bactrian Camel and the Maple Syrup Brownie – Sig. Moose. ~MORHB~

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      Hi MORHB! I’m kids228 I have: Chinook salmon stew (orca whale), Pterodactyl Ptoast (pterodactyl) Do you still need it?

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        I have both of those, but thanks anyway. I am posting a new list right now. ~MORHB~

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      I have Polarberry Punch even though it’s not on your list!

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        Thanks for your offer, but I already have that PSF. ~MORHB~

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      Hey Mom. I glad you got the PSF (my sister wanted to help) and if you don’t mine me asking this but can you help me on the value of two Items I got out of trade. They are the Rainbow Cloud Couch and the Molten Magma Bed all I know that these are PSI of retired Pets. Thank for the help and See you around W.W.

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        Hi mark. According to the WIGEV the Molten Magma Bed has a value of 70,000 to 90,000. The Rainbow Cloud Couch I’m going to say between 110,000 and 150,000. They haven’t updated the WIGEV to include PSI that have been retired that long. It only goes up to 5 to 6 years since it was retired and the RCC has been retired for 7 years. Now others know more about Level 10 items and what they include, so your RCC might be a Level 10 or considered “priceless”. I will ask around and see if I can get a better answer for you. ~MORHB~

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          Thank You Mom. for the needed info. and If I remember did you say your sons where making a Prehistoric Room Theme? If so I have a Triassic Television to help, See you around W.W.

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            They would love the television. Let me know some items you are looking for and I will get them for you, or at least try. Thanks so much. ~MORHB~

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              Okay, the T.V. is a PSI form the Triceratops and its value is worth 50,000+, and here’s what i’m looking for Apple Pie Super Bed (for my sister), a Enchanted Garden Cascading Fountain (from the Easter Egg Grand Prize) and the full Vampiress ( Veil, Dress, and Shoes) I think that the value is higher on the E.G.C.F. and on the Dress, Shoes, and Veil thought. If you have one or all to trade that will be great, if not I’m open to anything Deluxe Monthly Clothes, PSI or POTM, anything you think it’s worth it will be okay. See you around W.W.

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              Hi Mark. I am trying to find the Fountain and Bed for you. Unfortunately the Vampiress outfit is estore and not able to be Kinzposted. As soon as I get the other two I will send. Don’t send the TV until I send first though please. It might take a little while to find these and I don’t want to forget and possibly upset you if I can’t find the items you want. ~MORHB~

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              Okay Mom. I’ll hold on to the T.V. for you and about the Vampiress Outfit, I forgot to say that it was the Purple one from the Ganz Parents Club and not the Red E-store one (although that one is also nice) my bad and I won’t be mad at you if you can’t find them, I know it takes awhile to find thing and if I find one or both of those items, i’ll let you know. See you Around W.W.

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      Thanks crissy :D ~MORHB~

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