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    PSF’s I am still looking for:
    Algae alfajore (clown fish)
    Arctic cod cakes (narwhal)
    Chilled shrimp cocktail (chillin’ sea lion)
    Chinook salmon stew (orca whale)
    Chocolate chip seafood dip (spotted seal)
    Cosmic coral kabob (pisces fish)
    Crispy kelp salad (pink glitter fish)
    Daphnia dafina (fantail goldfish)
    Flounder quarter pounder (signature harp seal)
    Frosty sardine sandwich (chillaxin’ penguin)
    Stuffed caterpillar calamarata (chickadee)
    Hot fish soup (ice penguin)
    Jelly guppies (licorice fish)
    Luscious lip loaf (pucker fish)
    Mackerel macaroni (seaspray dolphin)
    Moon cake (cancer crab)
    Mosquito burrito (betta fish)
    Peanut butter and jellyfish sandwich (spotted turtle)
    Precious pearl cupcake (seafoam sparkle dolphin)
    Rainbow meringues (lollipop snail)
    Friendship fortune cookies (lovely panda)
    Whimsical wontons (luck dragon)
    Shamrock smoothie (lucky dino)
    Nighttime nibbles (midnight owl)
    Mistletoe cookie dough ice cream (minty moose)
    Jeweled eggs benedict (opal owl)
    Flying berry flan (oriole)
    Salt water slushy (baby penguin)
    Seaweed sauté (spotted sea monster)
    Seedy seaside smoothie (blossom fish)
    Skillfully skewered shrimp (swordfish)
    Spicy seaweed salsa (surfin’ turtle)
    Bubbly gumbo (bubblegumasaurus)
    Fantastic Jurassic smoothie (spotty dinosaur)
    Frosted fossil flakes (prehistoric mammoth)
    Giant jawbreaker (t-rex)
    Goofy grapefruit gelato (dodo bird)
    Prehistoric pizza (diggity dino)
    Pterodactyl Ptoast (pterodactyl)
    Candy clovers (shamrock dragon)
    Citrus sherbet sorbet (citrus dragon)
    Classy crème brulee (glitzy dragon)
    Crunchy bark bites (sleepy woodland dragon)
    Friendly dragonfruit soarbet (friendly dragon)
    Whimsical wontons (luck dragon)
    Zen dragonfruit soarbet (zen dragon)
    I will be adding more lists as I collect. Thanks for any and all help. I will make a list of PSF’s I have after Christmas. This way I get all the pets we will be getting on Christmas too.

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      here are my animals, and you can say if you want their PSFs. My UN is gidget43 if you’re interested. :) lil’ gold and white cat, aardvark, Boston terrier, fancy flamingo, pink punch cheeky dog, grey owl, surfin’ turtle, key lime dino, pink poodle, tiger snake, lil’ alley cat, lil’ black poodle, holstein cow (my absolute faavvvee), billy goat, lil’ pug, lil’ hippo, reindeer, do-do bird, hopping bunny, chocolate lab, lil’ black and white cheeky dog, pink googles, fantail goldfish, american cocker spaniel, clydesdale, rooster, lil’ frog, pink pony, white terrier, blue jay, manatee, husky and the original rabbit, hope this helps! ~HSG

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      HI Mom! Guess what i have the flower frog PSF and PSI. I got it from Adopting my Flower Frog which I named Aqua. The PSI is NOT for trade. He wants his special trampoline in his room but he would be willing to share with you 3 of his Lotus Bloom Teas. Aqua hates sharing food (his favorite thing in Webkinz World) but he was happy to do it because you are a very nice person. 3 Lotus Bloom Teas are coming your way. I am glad to help! I am bad talking in the Point of VIew of my Webkinz. Hopefully this will leave you going ROFL. If you could look for the following to help me with my retired exclusive collection it would be Fantastic. I think I posted it recently on my forum. My biggest one I want is the W Pond, and Lava Lamps. I would like everything but don’t have many RE to trade back. I only have Vortex, Sandwich Table, and Rainy Day Window to trade back. I traded RIbbon Tree with my BFF Goldbybrittnicole. I am glad to help with PSF’s. It makes me feel less guilty about not finding anything back. Hm. Could you post a trade/wish list? -Atom

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        Thanks a bunch Atom, it was one I was looking for. Sorry I have a W Pond, but it is not for trade at this time. Which other retired exclusives are you looking for besides the pond and lava lamps? ~mom~ ps. Sorry it took so long to respond back, I have had a difficult time finding certain forum topics lately.

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      @ Ilovewebkinz4, thank you. @ shellz – I thank you for all your help with these. If I get duplicates of a food, I have 4 other people I send them too. They can’t post lists on the group I know them from, so I just send extras to them and they either keep them for their collection, or pass them on to someone else. Are there certain ones you are looking for, or just wondering what I did with them? LMK if you need certain ones, I can ask for them on a few other groups I’m on. ~MORHB~

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        You are more than welcome! I like to help out if I can and I know how tough it is to try to trade for PSF. I am working on my own collection. I have a list of the ones I am still looking for…if you might be able to ask around, that would be appreciated. Thanks for looking/asking! Have a magical day! Shell Big Game Bacon Nachos – Bulldog Puppy
        Butterscotch Pancakes – Butterscotch Retriever
        Carrot Bisque – English Lop Bunny, Signature
        Charred Baseball Steak – Brown Boston Terrier
        Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwiches – Ice Cream Pup
        Cotton Candy Cone – Swirly Curl Unicorn
        Flan Flambe – Sequin Peacock
        Frozen Chocolate Fondue – Alpine St. Bernard
        Grasslands Griddlecakes – Longhorn Steer
        Lotus Bloom Tea – Flower Frog
        Organic Veggie Burger – Peace ‘n Love Puppy
        Polka Dot Cookies – Lots of Dots Rhino
        Polka Dot Cream Puffs – Pom Pom Dino
        Prehistoric Pizza – Diggity Dino
        Purple Candy Pieces – Polka-Dot Puppy
        Rainbow Marshmallow Kebob – Rainbow Pegasus
        Red Magic Mint Smoothie – Red Peppermint Unicorn
        Saltwater Snow Chips – Sparkle Harp Seal
        Shamrock Smoothie – Lucky Dino
        Sub-Saharan Sandwich – Hyena
        Sweet Springtime Green Custard – Lil Green Duckling
        Sweet Springtime Yellow Custard – Lil Yellow Duckling
        Udderly Delicious Sundae – Holstein Cow
        Wild Beast Brisket – Africian Wild Dog, Signature
        Wild Berry Sundae – Woodland Raccoon, Signature

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      Good Morning :) I have a few of the foods on your new list. I have sent over 3 this morning. Do you ever get send more than one of some of the foods you are looking for? If so, what do you do with them? I will send over some more tomorrow…have a super day today! Shell

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      Triple Truffle Tartufo – Okapi I will send it to you.

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