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    Don’t you wish we would get better prizes besides roads and road signs when we fill out shopping bags? All I do is sell them for the kinzcash…! There is no incentive!

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      I can talk to the creators about this if you would like? I’m Princesstori16 by the way friend me.

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      I agree! Their prizes are sorta lame. I just sell the ones that I can. Webkinz should add new prizes to make players want to play more often. The only cool part is getting credits and spending them, in my opinion.

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      Are the roads for the maps or what? I have never understood what you are supposed to do with them- sometimes I leave my bag in spree so I get the extra roll haha- they do need better things in them! Good idea!

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      How can we tell them? I would love to have more interactive stuff on my map!

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      Yes I do!! I sell all of my road signs and stuff. It would be cool if they put a city slide, traffic light, gas pump, oil lamp, spree car chair, and other things instead.- Atomton

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