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    I have seen the movie Valiant, and i think Ganz should make a signature dove and a signature pigion. Who agrees with me???????????????

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      LOL stealthstorm! Red eyed pigeons. btw really cool i saw 6 Doves today, flying together!! really it was 6 i was so amazed. ~dapplegreyhorse

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        Haha, I’m serious!!! They sorta creep me out. :) But doves are beautiful creatures. :) ~*Hakuna Matata*~

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      has anybody seen Valiant????? ~Texas Girl

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      Doves :) Pigeons have red eyes around here! ~*Hakuna Matata*~

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      I think they should! Signature birds sound awesome! Pigeons and doves so pretty too!! -Missy

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      Dove.~TX Gal.

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