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    I have seen the movie Valiant, and i think Ganz should make a signature dove and a signature pigion. Who agrees with me???????????????

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      Mimi, I’m not disgusted with pigeons, I just am saying they have red eyes around here. I’ve seen Albino guinea pigs, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like them. Me and my friend like pigeons. :D She’s addicted to them! ~*Hakuna Matata*~

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      i think the doves one is a cool idea, they should make it a love dove though!! XD

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      Definitely! I think Ganz should make more realistic pets. Almost all of the new pets they’re coming out with are made-up animals, like the Curly Lion. And why is everyone so disgusted with pigeons? I think they’re gorgeous! Pigeons need love, too!

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      Yeah! That would be cool! And I just wanted to say thank you for playing with me earlier, Angel. I had so much fun playing Dogbeard’s Bathtub and talking Pirate Talk! What are ye, a land lubber? LOL Very funny!!!!!~Stay Chilly and Pretty Like a Lily

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      Maybe a dove, but not a pigeon.

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