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    Hey guys! This is a contest to see who’s the best person in Webkinz News, and why. You cannot nominate yourself. I nominate sweetcupcake16, because she is so nice, and friendly to everyone!!!! Thanks for being such a great friend!!!! Allwordsareforyou.

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      I nominated Dogfish, for obvious reasons :)

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        Hi allwordstaken! I think everyone on webkinznewz is a nice person. Especially with all these Christmas forums going around. I hope there is no rule about nominating certain people, because I have a whole list LOL. I want to say a special thank you for these people: Becky, Dogfish, MORHB, Crissy, Atom, DesignerGirl and MarkG97 because they have all done wonderful things for me. And also for anyone else I didn’t mention. I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas! ♥~LambTyler~♥

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          I would have to say my Thanks/Nomination are to, Alice, Angel, Becky, Mom. (MORHB), (Lamb)Tyler. They have done a lot for me this year and I just want to say Thank You for everything and if I missed anyone Sorry. See y’all Around W.W. and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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            Merry Christmas to you too! :)

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            I’d like to nominate quite a number of people: Mark, Dogfish, Becky, Ailuropoda, LadyTrader, MTT, Twinkle_Toes, MORHB, Crissy, OceanStar, and many others. A huge thanks to everyone listed for being so kind and willing to help each other!! I’m not around as often so I don’t get to give my thanks nearly enough, but I’ll take time to do so now. Thank you!!!

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          Thanks for nominating me Lamb. You are totally awesome! I am glad to help such a kind person like you. Thanks for letting me. Peace be with you always!-Atom

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        I agree Becky, that was for a very good cause. LOL, Lamb

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      I nominate bgos!! she is super nice and we both love style and fashion!!!

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        Thanks! I nominate you! Sorry, you probably won’t be reading this. But, our friendship means a lot to me. Sorry I haven’t been on much. Busy!

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      I only have 1 question: How many people can we nominate? I would like to nominate MomoFredHeadBoys, LambTyler and SnoflakePupQueen. If i only get to nominate 1 though, it woul be SnowFlakePupQueen because she is so nice and one of my best friends on webkinz!! We always talk about anything we have in common, witch seems to be alot XD

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        Foxstar you are so sweet I am litterally tearing up that of the other two you would pick me for nomination. ;D thanks foxstar

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        One person!!! But all those people are so awesome!!! :)

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        Aww thanks FoxStar! I hope I can see you in webkinz world again somtime! Lamb

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      I nominate Atomton for way too many good reasons to list.

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        Thanks JesusismyLord! You are one of my favorite people too! Thanks so much! Peace be with you!-Atom

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      Okay first I vote for sweetcupcake. Sweetcupcake is a great friend though and knows how to bring a smile to your face her user says alot about her: Sweet. Also can I nominate all words taken who gives awesome advice (I know you started this but you are also nice)

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