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    Hey guys! This is a contest to see who’s the best person in Webkinz News, and why. You cannot nominate yourself. I nominate sweetcupcake16, because she is so nice, and friendly to everyone!!!! Thanks for being such a great friend!!!! Allwordsareforyou.

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      Hi allwordstaken! :D I don’t know who to nominate. This is tricky because I have so many good friends on here, and I don’t want to disappoint them if I don’t nominate them…I guess I’ll nominate dogfish because she is so sweet and generous to everyone. :D Merry Christmas!~SC

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      Everyone here is The Best Person :)

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      Oh by far it is Dogfish!!! She’s my BFF! She’s the best friend a person can have! ~Cruisingal~

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      Hi I would like to nominate 4 of my friends! First Gold because she was the first person to answer any of my posts on this website, and her words strengthened me as a Christain. I enjoy talking to you and exchanging gifts! Thanks so much for everything that you have done and are doing. Next, JesusismyLord! You have been really sweet and kind to me and everyone. Thanks so much for that. I would like to invite you over sometime. Also thanks for trading retired exclusives, and items with me and also answering my posts. Moreover, I would like to nominate LambTyler! She has been so sweet and helpful to me. Thanks Lamb for all the tips and presents. And I would like to thank DF and Lamb, for sending me items that I need and wanting a thank you in return. You do things out of kindness in your heart and that deserves a big thankyou! I am really glad that you decided to pick me up. I always look for you two when I play and it makes me happy when I am on. Sorry about the TYN’s and Presents. I am busy studying this week and don’t have much spare time! Nice topic and far more popular than my forum Gifting TO YOUR BEST FRIENDS! PEACE BY WITH EVERYONE! Jesus is the greatest!-Atom

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        Merry….. Christ-mas!!!

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        Thank you Atom! And I never get tired of thank you notes, so send away! LOL. Lot’s of votes for dogfish here, and I know why! Lamb

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      I nominate @Becky71W. She is such a blessing to me! She gave me whatever I asked for and wouldn’t let me give anything to her in return. I also nominate @greenart8, who used to be on here. She is so incredibly nice! ~SS

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