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    Hey guys! This is a contest to see who’s the best person in Webkinz News, and why. You cannot nominate yourself. I nominate sweetcupcake16, because she is so nice, and friendly to everyone!!!! Thanks for being such a great friend!!!! Allwordsareforyou.

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      Wow everyone is so.. so.. AMAZING! INSPIRING! BRAVE! WONDERFUL! I have never seen anyone as brave and amazing as you guys! dogfish cupcake jesusismylord snowflake queen pup! lambtyler! bubbagump! Omg I feel so out of place! But that doesnt matter because everyone has there own gift Some people are VERY GENEROUS, like jesus is my lord. some people are inspiring and courageous like atomton and lamb tyler and jesus is my lord some people have are funny and make others laugh maybe like me?? but everyone is speacial! Let these inspiring words make your day Love, lke you have never been hurt before. Laugh, like noone is listening, and Dance like no one is watching. ~Glitz~ :)

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        thanks and careful with that metafore cause if I take the dancing literal then everyone will be horrified (I really can’t dance except salsa and another that I don’t know how to spell (meringue)) also you are so sweet what is your user on webkinz so I can friend you

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        Hi Glitz. You are a wonderful person too! You don’t ever have to feel out of place here. The forums are a amazing place to make friends and chat. You are very sweet! Merry Christmas, Lamb

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          Lamb, you said that wonderfully! We all like you Glitz!-Atom

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      Also could I nominate (people who have not been nominated yet that are just so sweet): Foxstar2000, Ninjamonkeybrother2000, Designergirl101, and webkinzplushlover. Those are just names from off the top of my head

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        Also why they are all so nice and make me smile. Alot of other people are to

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        oops not NinjaMonkeyBrother2000 but Ninjamonkeyburger2000 I was thinking “Foxstars brother” and then………………………………………………………………….

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        all of those people are great!!!!

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      Wow! The main people i see on here is jesusismylord momofredheadboys atomton and snowflake queen pup….. also lamb tyler we should start a WKN gang! Lol I have been getting on alot lately and meating new nice people i cannot pick between atontom and jesusismylord I LUV YOU GUYS! you are an inspiration TO ALL OF US! ;)

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        Great Idea and I am on WKN alot I love to hang out talk to people and everything

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        THANKS SO MUCH! I cannot tell you how happy this made me! :) ;) :) ;) :) :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D thanks so much, you are very nice! :D

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      I nominate LambTyler because they’re forum “Webkinz building kits for FREE!” helped me get an awesome deluxe kit for my friend. In other words, I nominate LambTyler because of their generosity and kindness.

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        Thank you Bubba! That was very sweet of you! LMK if you want a building kit for yourself, I have plenty more! Lamb

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      awwww…thanks allwordstaken. ;) I want to friend you. My username is VBS123

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