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    Hey guys! This is a contest to see who’s the best person in Webkinz News, and why. You cannot nominate yourself. I nominate sweetcupcake16, because she is so nice, and friendly to everyone!!!! Thanks for being such a great friend!!!! Allwordsareforyou.

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      I didn’t write this Forum for the popularity, or to see whose popular, I only wrote it, so all of those sweet, awesome, inspiring people out there can know how much we love and support them, so I would like to thank the nominators, and the nominees for all of their inspiring, and encouraging words! Merry Christmas, and a blessed New Year to each and every one of you! Allowordsaresmiling!

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        I know I am just saying I never knew that those people really care and I don’t know how to explain it.

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      Thanks for all the kind words. I would like to thank Gold because she was the one who first inspired me on this website. Thanks again to mom,DF, Snowflakepupqueen, Gold, Lamb, adk**, and everyone! Everyone is the best, oops Jesus you are up there to. Thanks for everyone who mentioned me!-Atom

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        Thanks for being a good friend I think you could not be any sweeter I am kinda not popular on here but I feel so much better seeing my username right there posted by anothor person I feel alot better about everything. It’s all my wonderful fanastalistic friends on here (yes I watch live and maddie) that make me feel great. Thank you atomton

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          Your welcome, and by the way I think you are popular! You are very sweet! I am glad I made you happy. Peace-Atom

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            Aw thanks Atomton that means everything especially coming from you. Thanks for being a great friend

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      Hi I would like to also nominate HeyitsGlitz for posting, and being a nice person to talk to on here!-Atom

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      Also Snowflake Pup Queen My user is Glitter1414 Thx!

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        No Prob. going on webkinz now and have Fairly Odd Parents Christmas Stuff so…………………..

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      Special i mean gr cannot type today! Lol NO wonder no one has voted for me yet everyone is so amazing! I am not going to compare us because i would just be a speck of dust compare to you guys! Merry CHRISTmas! Jesus is the reason to the season! ~Glitz~

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