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    I was thinking it would be an awesome idea if Webkinz had there own Preforming Art Studio! You can go there and you can dance or you could sing! But it would be improved! Like, you go to a different room for each class. One for Hip-Hop, one for Ballet, one for Jazz, one for Tap, one for Cheer, one for Clogging, and there could also be a tumbling class! You go into the room, you click on the CD player and it’ll start playing music appropriate for the dance style. Then when you click on the mirror, your pet will start dancing! If it’s ballet, they’ll first postion and stretches on the bar! For everything else they would do stretches on the floor. You could take music lessons, singing lessons and so much more! What do you think?

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      i love that idea i dance so it would be cool for the pets to dance and sing

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      That would be amazing! it would be so cool if my pets could do ballet like me!

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      that’s a really cool idea! :)

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      I really LOVE hip hop, tumbling, music and doing stretches so I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY like the idea of that arts studio. Also can you friend me on webkinz? My username is popcorn800088 no caps.  PEACE! ~DolphinRider2

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      Come on! No one else wants a preforming arts studio?

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        i would love to do a performing arts I would like to so all dance stuff. I dance so I would love to. friend me on webkinz. same username ok? also do we go to your room? I might be free sunday. im always in the blue zone.

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        I asked them on comments and suggestions. I also asked that they wont make it only for deluxe members!!

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