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    This is what I want: Heart Warming Bathtub PSI, Polka dot fireplace PSI, Friendly Forest Window PSI, This is what I have: Shaggy Sofa PSI, Mysterious Pool PSI, Easter 2009 Gift, Luxury Hot tub rare, Hot air balloon rare, Lavish Limousine signature exclusive, Fun to care armoire , violet persian rug rare, neo gothic bed rare, Alyssa High council throne, big top circus bed super exclusive, Lurking Lagoon POTM exclusive, over the rainbow bed super exclusive, Flower Power bed retired super exclusive, dignified dreams bed signature exclusive, blueberry fountain PSI.

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      I really want rockerz psi! The only one I have the singing stage one. My favorite is the bulldogs drums. I am willing to trade 3 normal psi’s for it, 3 super beds or three rare items. I am a deluxe member so I might have some cool stuff. Thank You!

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      Hey I was reading what you have but you don’t seem to have anything I want… But I was wondering since you posted this 2 months ago your list has probably changed right? I was wondering if you got any gemsters or have any gemsters because I am looking for those. Also do you have any PRICELESS clothing? Like black and white cat costume stuff? I don’t need the shoes.. I need anything else but the shoes. I also need fairy falls forest Tiara! thanks—–EBERRY P.S. my user is eberry4

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      I really need the Neo Gothic Bed!! I can trade alot of rare items for it! My username is lilmisstexas2000 for those who might want to trade.

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      Hi I got the Bed from the trading room. I am sorry, I sort of really like the hot tub now I am sorry I hope you understand. Would you be interested in any of these PSI for the limosine? Giant Gorilla Hanging Chair, Wallowing Tub, Poco Fiesta Throne, and Arctic Window? If not i will keep searching trading room or no big deal, i will see what DF can do.-Atom

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