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    Do you have a backstory of how you got your username? Post it here! Okay, so my user name, stylized is OCarinaoftime, because I love The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. the capital OC is because I love OWL CITY! So, yeah. That’s all! Um, yeah. Post your history below! ~OCarina

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      I am so glad you like the song!!! Everyone should here it and know there worth more than gold! The way I found out about it was my sister and I went to a pop-star b-day party for one of her friends, and when we got home one of the songs was stuck in her head so our Mom googled the lyrics and we discovered the song had bad words in it, so Mom looked for Christian pop artists and we stumbled upon Britt Nicole! We bought two of her cd’s of Amazon, down loaded them to our MP3 player and now we have all the words memorized! (The other album we got was The Lost get Found. Great song as well!) By the way whats your webkinz user name? Maybe I can become friends with you! Blessings! goldbybrittnicoll

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        I know ALL of the lyrics to the songs on Gold… It’s the only full album I have. My favorite song on there is…. Stand I guess. <3

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          I like the song Stand as well! Are you by any chance a Christian? By the way your comments really made my day! You see I’ve had a stomach flu all mourning and you know how that feels… Blessings! goldbybrittnicoll

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            Yes, yes I am. :) PS Stomach flus are soooo not fun. :(

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              That is sooooo cool!!!!!!!! Igot over the stomach flu but I still have a head cold:(. God bless! goldbybrittnicoll

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          That is sooooo cool!!! I wish I knew all the lyrics to all the songs on Gold!!! P.S. I am goldbybrittnicoll’s sister.

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            Aw thanks add me too, I am always listening to Christian Music on the radio and if you listen to them you know that they go on sprees of songs and gold was one of them! I hope to hear ready or not! All of her songs are inspiring and down right fun! Like recently they did a spree of Plumb. I don’t know that as well though, Seeing as Brit Nicole is a fave of mine!

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              Ready or not is a fun song but my favorite Britt Nicole song is the sun is rising even though it dose not mach my personality because I am usually very active and jumpy! readyornotbybrittnicole :)

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              If your radio doesn’t static, go on 90.1 its a christian radio station called K-LOVE. Its the best christian station ever!

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        Okay Great! Maybe we can talk Christian music sometime! I am boxcarchild! And it was inspired by a series of books I loved in Kinder-Garden the box car children! I liked them up until like third grade and I have like 100 of them, no joke! But they are not bad books, I like them, I just have other things I would rather read now. Since I read those in Kinder-Garden they are a good childhood memory! And as for designergirl101, I knew I wanted to start a design forum! So ya, even if I stop I am still like into anything interior design! I mean its really fun! Okay well anyway, cant wait for your friend invite! Oh and at the last part of the song I meant to say inside and out! Goof! I am addicted to Christian Music Stations! I listen to them constantly! I just wish they played more Brit Nicole, I also like her song walk on water! Its so inspiring! What are you waiting for, what have you got to lose! LOL I wish I could be like that!

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          I love the song walk on the water as well! You should watch the movie “Prince of Egypt” because in a scene in the end of the movie where they pass the water it really matches the song walk on the water. Okay I’ll start a topic on “inspirational music” so we can continue this conversation on it. Blessings! goldbybrittnicoll

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            I think the best new album is Kings and Queens by Audio Adrenaline. If you haven’t checked it out, I would recommend doing so.

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              OMW (Oh my word) YA, I have listened to that song its nice! I know it a little of it but not by heart.

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              Coolness we should start a forum about it, and ya I have watched that movie it’s cool. ! Friend me I am boxcarchild!

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              I’ve heard that :) I like “Leaving 99″ (Also by Audio Adrenaline) That’s my favorite song of theirs ~OCarina

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              Oh I love that song! Nobody else in my family does though…

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              That’s too bad. It’s an awesome song!

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            Well it’s funny you signed off with blessings, I think that the Song blessings by Laura Story is VERY inspirational! As well as Walk on water and Well done by Morriah Peters! Hope to talk soon!

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              I LOVE the song Blessings by Laura Story!!!!!! We learned about it because I have a little sister who has down syndrome(she’s three now) and my Mom found the song Blessings on the internet and now I know all the lyrics! And by the way readyornotbybrittnicole is really my sister. Sure my sister and I will friend you! My user name is cuddly106 and my sister’s is mlyons3. You should watch “Joseph king of dreams”. It’s made by the same company as “Prince of Egypt”. Blessings! :) goldbybrittnicoll

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              I luv that song! But my favorite is Worn by: Tenth Avenue North. But mostly I know all of the songs on K-LOVE

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            I’ve seen that movie (A looooong time ago)… ~OC PS I will try to find the forum

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            You should also look at Jamie Grace’s song called “Hold me”! It features Toby Mac (if you’ve heard of him) (He’s another Christian rap artist) Blessings! goldbybrittnicoll

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              Oh yes I know that one! Its really cute, well now I sound like a grandma! But I’m not BTW! It is really catchy and fun! My friend dislikes it SO much though. Which stinks because its one of my all time faves! So I hum it or sing it to annoy her! I know not very nice of me but I kid around allot with her, or any friend! This has been SO fun!

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              I LOVE TOBYMAC. AND JAMIE GRACE. I love the song “Hold Me” and I probably know all of the words to it ;) ~OCarinaofTime

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              Oh ya I have seen that movie its good! Okay I think I got your friend invite but I will invite you again do you have kinzchat+? I am SO glad you know blessings! My mom wants me to sing it in church (my grandmas church, not mine) but I don’t know. I know the song by heart and have been singing it a hour a day because that’s my song for voice lessons but its nerve racking! Her church is not huge but over 100 people attend every Sunday. I have sung with 2 friends at some other larger church but that was different, I was not all alone! And once I did Joy to the World as a solo but there was probably only like 75 people and my friend had just sang a solo before me! I also sang a a song with a friend at a bridal shower but again I think that was different somehow what do you all think should I?

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              I have some (not much) experience singing in front of crowds. one year for VBS I sang with a lot of other kids,I sang “Lay Me Down” by Chris Tomlin with a few other people (like 6 or 7. Maybe 8), at my church and I sang I Have Decided To Follow Jesus and another song at my grandmother’s church with my cousins. But there aren’t many people there at my grandmother’s church, so it wasn’t really a crowd there. One Christmas, my church did a play, and I was in the choir. I almost got a solo for one of the songs we sang, but I guess I chickened out :D I hope to sing at my grandmother’s church again, but this time by myself. I really like singing :) ~Ocarina

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              They’re is a new song by her called Beautiful Day

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              That one’s catchy (but a little annoying when your radio station plays it every day at least twice (speaking from personal experience) )

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          I liked the box car children as well when I was younger! I only have about five of the books but I also have one of the specials (the one on Washington D.C.). You should check out the Viking Quest books by Lois Walfrid Johnson. They are like THE best books in the whole world! Trust me you will love them! Blessings! goldbybrittnicoll

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            Wait I think I may have those are those adventures in Odyssey books? They follow some plot of a viking ship I think? Well if not you should check em’ out! They are good reads! Another thing is adventures and odyssey is really cool!

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              And I don’t have kinz chat + but if you have it I might ask my Mom if I can get it. Blessings! goldbybrittnicoll

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              No that’s not the same thing but I have some books that are really good that are related to the odyssey books. The series is called Adventures in Odyssey Passages by Paul McCusker. They are really good!

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            Cool, I have never heard of those but I am sure they rock! Here is a list of my favorite books since we have allot in common I thought you may enjoy them! So one of the books I really enjoy is called the mixed up files of Ms. Basil E. Frankweiler. I also enjoy the Gone away lake books, which are both adventure stories but are like believable that’s what I like about all of these books really! Another book series I enjoy are the royal Diaries! They are really neat sorta historical! I just recently read a retired old american girl set (I got a my local library) called girls from around teh world or something, those were good too! I think some books that are probably some VERY good reads would be from the Truth Seekers Mystery Series! They are SO good they are a small publishing company so it may take some digging to find them! My mother is VERY careful of what I put into my mind and she has said that all these books as well as all the other books on this list are okay. Another series (also smaller) is put out by vision forum, it is called the Baker family adventures! Summer of suspense and there is more in the series I think I have read another one! Okay and I read the Hardy boys too, I know strange for a girl but they are not bad or anything. Well thanks! Hope to talk to you soon!

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              Most of those I haven’t heard of but the other day at a sale our local library had we picked up a bunch of the royal diaries and now my Mom is in the proses of reading through one of them to decide if I am aloud to read them! And yeah my Mom is very picky about what I read as well! (and that’s not a bad thing!) Are you by any chance home-schooled? I am! Blessings! goldbybrittnicoll

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              Here are my favorite books: The Little House series, Because of Winn-Dixie, The Tale of Despereaux, Dear America series, The Chronicles of Narnia series, Where the Red Fern Grows, Old Yeller, The Candymakers, Anne of Green Gables, and The Wingfeather Saga. There might be a few more that I can’t think of right now… JTLYK (Just to let you know) I do not like the Hunger Games. ~OCarina

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              I read The Mixed up Files of Ms. Basil E. Frankweiler in 8th grade and I LOVED it! :D I will never forget that story because I love adventure books.

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            That’s a tough one. I am sure everyone would love to hear you sing but I agree it can be very nerve wracking! But I know that you know just the person to talk to ;)! Blessings! goldbybrittnicoll

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          I’ve actually read a few Boxcar Children books :)

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        Woohoo, I just got The Lost Get Found (album). After I’ve listened to it a lot, I’m sure I’ll have the lyrics down. :) ~OCarina

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          That is awesome! Do you have a favorite song from that album yet? If so I would like to know it. My favorite song on that album is Welcome To The Show. readyornotbybrittnicole :)

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            It has too many good songs on it :) My top three (no order) Welcome To The Show, Feel The Light, and Glow. I love that Like a Star is in one of my favorite movies, Soul Surfer. And I use How We Roll like a theme song for me and my friends. I also love Have Your Way. It’s just so nice… :D ~OcarinaOfTime

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        Mine is MistyPuppy17! Once again I will say I love Britt Nicole!

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      That is so cool goldbybrittnicoll!!!!!! Gold is one of my favorite songs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      My user name history is that I saw someone with the user name “bornagainbynewsboys” I thought “why don’t I get a user name like that” so I did! And thats where “goldbybrittnicoll” came from! (I know I spelled Nicole wrong but I realized that too late :) ) Then my webkinz user name “cuddly106″ came from my favorite bunny stuffed animal when I was six named cuddly!

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        I LOVE Britt Nicole x3 Misspelling Nicole actually makes it unique!

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          Thanks! I love getting comments on my user name:)! I agree. Misspelling Nicole does make it unique!

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            That is one of my favorite songs too! You were walking on the moon, now your flying low, low, low! What they said was not true, your beautiful! Sticks and stones brake your bones, I know what your feeling! Words like those wont steal your glow, your one in a million, this, this is the song of girls, boys all over the world. It does not matter what you have been told your worth more than gold so raise your hands up high its your time to shine from the inside out it shows your worth more than gold! YA, YA, YA, YA YA! So don’t be afraid to wear your crown your a king your queen inside.

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              thanks I could never understand what she was saying, but now I know! It’s such a catchy song :)

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        @ Goldbybrittnicoll, that is so cool! I think that it is awesome that you like her! Me too!. My Webkinz username is ccateripllar. My favorite animal was a butterfly, and before they are butterflies, they are caterpillars. My first name starts with a “c” so that is why ccaterpillar has two c’s.My WKN username ( MistyfootWarrior) came from a book called Warriors, all about cats living in the wild. My favorite character is Mistyfoot and she is an awesome warrior, so that is how MistyfootWarrior came to be ~*Mistyfoot*~ For Warriors

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          omd! i love the Warriors! it’s my all time favorite book series.

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        I love Britt Nicole sooo much! I friended you :) :) :) :) :)

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      i do! my UN is lrz6 i did that cuz those r the first 4 letters\number in my moms e-mail

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      No. I don’t have a backstory for my username. But I do have two backstories for my two pets’ names. I named my Pinto Sahara because my neighbors have a REAL Pinto named Sahara and I named my Black Wolf Shadow Crystal because I love The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. In Twilight Princess Link turns into a wolf because of shadow crystals, which are black and orange crystals that come from the Twili. Do you want to friend me OCarinaoftime? My UN is friend2day

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        Awesome! I only played a bit of the beginning of Twilight Princess so I don’t know MUCH about it but some… Sahara is a fun name x3 In my opinion

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        my username is wribenjam and I made my account when I was little and I liked ribs and jam and I was horrible at spelling friend me :D :):(

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