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    So basically i have had my webkinz account for about 6 years now and it has accumulated a lot of items and secret foods. I recently logged in to find that out of all the secret foods i have made i have over 20 of each of them. I do not want to keep a lot of things on here as i am older now and i do not play on this account much anymore. If you are looking for a secret food item or one of the holiday candy’s please let me know and i could send some to you on webkinz. Happy Holidays to all.

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      What a kind and thoughtful idea polarbear155 :) Do you by any chance have any jellybeans or jellybean jars? I collect them :) My Dad’s nickname for me is “Shellybean”. :D Thanks again for being so generous!

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      My username is True2MyWord1! Thanks

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      Cool! That would be awesome! My username is princessblue2000, or you can send it to laterbon, which is another account of mine. That is really nice of you, polarbear155!

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      Sure but what’s your username? Thanks!

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      OH! COOL!!!!!!!! Could you do that with me? You know send, tell, etc. Thanks! My username is bgos. Thanks again!

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        If you don’t play it much more, could you send me rare/valued/exlusive/super beds/pet of the month items? If you do,my username is Annalise115530

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          If you don’t play any more than could you friend me and send me any clothes you have rare or not, it means a lot. – your friend, horsegirl714

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