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    So basically i have had my webkinz account for about 6 years now and it has accumulated a lot of items and secret foods. I recently logged in to find that out of all the secret foods i have made i have over 20 of each of them. I do not want to keep a lot of things on here as i am older now and i do not play on this account much anymore. If you are looking for a secret food item or one of the holiday candy’s please let me know and i could send some to you on webkinz. Happy Holidays to all.

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      at least one of each or the top 5 coolest plz im new username mackadd

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      i dont have alot my mom got me about 20 webkinz for christmas and my sister got on my acount and gift boxed and sen most of it to others her being 7 she didnt know we would never get it back but i like collcting AND making cool foods so feel free to sendd me some and i will send somthing back in return for your item my user name is ttc27

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      hi im bepoodlepal and im looking for earth day cookies and jellybeans and jelly bean jars as well plz reply and ty

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      This is a great idea… my username is Bluey556, thanks! ♪♬♩

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      My username is 613dolphin, I’d love to get some. Thanks for doing this!

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