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    i have been with webkinz for awile and i only have a few badges can some of you tell me about some badges and how to get them please

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      If this is any help I have been doing one particular job at the employment office for a while and I got really good at it and finally I got an employee of the month badge! ;)

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      I have quite a bit of badges, when you first start webkinz you get about 8 badges without doing anything. when it is you first time attending the acadamy you should get a Freshman badge. You also get a badge for logging in on your B-Day. You get ‘A Month of Quizzy’s’ Badge for completing a month of the quizzy’s calender trivia. If you send a sick pet to doctor quack you get a ‘Doctor Quacks Helper Badge’. if you land on the 500 mark of the wheel of Wow you get the Big Prize badge. Enter Tournements in the Tournement arena if you win one you get a badge. Remember to keep practicing your skills in the Acadamy for Sophmore, Juniour, and Seniour badges. If you collect 10 or more wish tokens you can get a badge for wishing for a Exclusive item. You get the ‘Warm and Fuzzy’ badge for cliking ‘I Love my Webkinz’ from Monday-Sunday. After you start to get the hang of Jumbleberry Fields you get a badge for have rolled 5 Moonberries. Whether you get a Deluxe account or wait for it to be the game of the day for completing level 6 of Eager Beaver’s Adventure park you get the ‘You Must be This Tall’ badge. You also get 5 badges for completing the Key to Kinzville challenge in your room. For landing on the Target in WackyER Zingoz you get a badge. If you friend all 8 hosts you get the Best Friends badge (This can only be done if you have a Deluxe account to friend Sheldon Turtle on Vacation Island(I don’t have Deluxe i friended Sheldon before Vacation Island was Deluxe)) If you send all 8 hosts letters you get the Pen Pals badge. There are 4 badges for Spree For Landing on a Yellow Shopping Bag, Roll so your die has no more numbers then how many to land on the Last space, For buying the Police costume from the mall, and the other is unknown. If you get 2,500 points in Flutter bugged you get a Badge. And remember there are TONS more

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      Sure can do! I will go through some of my badges now. You can get a Pen Pals badge by sending letters and gifts to your fellow hosts (aka Arte Fact, Tabby Von Meow). You can get the Lulu the Llama badge by becoming a Deluxe member and playing Leaping Llama. You can get the Lots of Lovable Pets badge by adopting 50 or more pets. Then there is Proud Pet owner when you adopt 10, Big Happy Family when you adopt 20. You can get the Big Prize badge by spinning the Wheel of Wow, and getting the big prize, 500 KC. There is a Warm and Fuzzy badge by logging in every day and filling up the heart that pops up. If you do it 7 days in the week, you get this badge! Then you can get the A Horse of Course, Friend of the Fowl, Friend of the Fish, Friendly Feline, and and Dog’s Best Friend Badge by adopting a certain number of horses, birds, fish, feline, and dogs. :D Also, if you become a Deluxe member you get a badge. I have many others, and most of them were unintentional. Before you know it, you will have as many badges as stars in the sky! :D ~SS

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        25 ’cause I have it

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      if you finish your marshmellow collection, witch i did, you get a badge, i think. i know that if you let your pet get sick, go to doctor quack and by the medicine you also get a badge!

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      become delux and you get a badge adopt more pets to also get badges fill the hart to get a badge get a difrent type of pet split the pinata to win also (cant remember the others)

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