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    i have been with webkinz for awile and i only have a few badges can some of you tell me about some badges and how to get them please

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      Well adopting a cat or a dog will get you a badge for cat loving or dog loving. In the eager beaver game you can get a badge when you get to a certain level.You can get one from crafty canaries on a certain level, becoming friends with all of the Webkinz hosts. type their names into your phone on webkinz tabby von meow, fred rover, Amanda panda, Arte fact, Sheldon turtle, and ms. Cowoline. there might be more but i’m not really that sure yet so good luck with those also if you send them kinz post they might just send you a package back.

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      thanks for making me laugh lol KASSUZY but i need you user name first

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        Oops, UN: KASSUZY come on! can’t believe u didn’t try that lol and I have a second badge on leaping llama I got 50,000 points and fell off a cliff when I got it! and get 2500 on flutter bugged.

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