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    Hello! Is there anything you’ve always wanted on Webkinz? If there is, then you’ve come to the right place! All you have to do is tell me want you want and your Webkinz username then I’ll send you it! First I’ll send you a friend request and when you say yes to it I’ll send you what you want! My username is smsmo.

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      Ok, thanks for looking!

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      Sorry but I started playing Webkinz in 2010 and I rarely ever do Peek-a-news. If I ever see any of those things in a trade I’ll try to get it and if I did I’ll let you know. Sorry I don’t have them!

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      I looked on Google for pics of the Vintage Glam Outfit and I found lots of different pics so I don’t know what it looks like. Is the Mummy Head Wrap from a certain year or do they have it every year?

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        The Halloween Mummy Head Wrap is from October 2008. The vintage glam outfit is four pieces (headband, shoes, shirt, skirt) a Webkinz news Peek-a-news. I’m not exactly sure when it first came out. Thanks!

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      Oh and I forgot to say something: It can only be things in Webkinz, not any codes or stuff.

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      Hi smsmo, do you have either the vintage glam outfit or the halloween Mummy head wrap? Thanks! UN is spikeythornedroses

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