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    Hello! Is there anything you’ve always wanted on Webkinz? If there is, then you’ve come to the right place! All you have to do is tell me want you want and your Webkinz username then I’ll send you it! First I’ll send you a friend request and when you say yes to it I’ll send you what you want! My username is smsmo.

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      I really need a bed for my lemon lime gecko! p.s. I would offer $1000 kinzcash coin. thanks.-yuiuiuiy

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      hi smsmo, my bro really wants the amethest bed. i know its a lot to ask thats why i’m going to offer 2 or 3 grand. i have nine, 1000 kinz cash coins so you can just say how many coins you want. thanks it would make my brother so happy! P.S. true story.

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      PEBBLES1976, I am sorry but I dont have any I will look

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